POLA The Beauty

Salon-style shops offering skin care, makeup, and health food products, as well as esthetic treatments. In spaces inspired by the color white, POLA’s Beauty Directors (beauty treatment specialists) draw from their various techniques to provide wholehearted support for the beauty of each individual customer. It is a truly refined experience. 510 stores throughout Japan—at least one in each prefecture(as of March 2023).

Beauty Directors

POLA’s Beauty Directors specialize in beauty treatments, drawing from POLA’s data on the skin of 20.2 million*1 women. Our cosmetic offerings bring together beauty counseling, esthetic treatments, and products (home care). Beauty Directors suggest the beauty care approach best suited for each individual customer.

Beauty Counseling

There are many women who want to be even more beautiful, but do not know where to begin.
We believe that in order to offer the best beauty care to customers, our Beauty Directors must get to know each of them individually. While taking into account customers’ skin condition, lifestyle, and more, Beauty Directors come up with individualized care plans.

Esthetic Treatments

At POLA, we believe it is important that customers feel that our specialized esthetic products work, as well as that they come away satisfied with our techniques. Based on these products and techniques, while drawing from massage theory—rooted in skin analyses and research, as well as knowledge from anatomy and other fields—we approach each individual customer’s skin with specially tailored touch and movement. It’s an experience that condenses POLA’s 94-year history.

  1. 20.2 million:As of December 2022