Touch, Talk, Encounter
POLA’s New Concept Shops

POLA’s New Concept Shops are where art and science fuse together. Experience the newest products and cutting-edge skin research in seasonally changing gallery-like spaces. In Japan, these shops are based on the concept of “Touch & Talk.” Pick up products that catch your attention, and talk with others about beauty. These are semi self-service shops that heighten customers’ freedom. Offering everyone new encounters that enliven the senses.

Gallery-like spaces that change with each visit

POLA’s New Concept Shops aim to have customers experience the POLA brand world with their five senses. Fusing art and science, they change with the seasons. It’s as if the space itself is installation art. Modeled after the excitement offered by art galleries, new discoveries await during every visit.

More freedom to try: touch up spaces

Wanting to give customers more freedom to try popular products and items that catch their attention, we’ve created semi-self service touch up spaces. Staff are there only when you need them. Take your time and enjoy the freedom to try to your heart’s content.

Easy like looking into a mirror: tablet-based self skin-counseling

Customers may freely use our tablet-based self skin-counseling, as well as, if desired, receive a more detailed analysis. It’s as easy as looking into a mirror, but shares so much more. Why not give it a try?

Hospitality beyond the ocean: elegant beauty counseling spaces

POLA has also launched New Concept Shops overseas. At our Shanghai iapm and MixC Shenyang shops, we’ve created spacious beauty counseling areas. Relaxing on a sofa, gracefully enjoy new products and a tablet-based skin analysis. Hospitable encounters—another one of POLA’s offerings.

New Concept Shop List