We want to be a cosmetics manufacturer that is without equal anywhere in the world when it comes to knowledge of the skin.

The reason is so that we can enhance our delivery of cosmetics that work on each individual’s skin.
We believe that a deep knowledge and understanding of the skin of Japanese women is very important.
With APEX, our product for improving individual aspects of the skin, we launched a Skin Analysis Center to ensure that we could address anything related to our customers’ skin.
Here we conducted detailed analyses at 0.01 mm precision to obtain data about the skin, using unique, skin-checking technologies.
This skin research began over 25 years ago, and we have now accumulated over 20.2 million data sets*1 related to the skin of women age 16 and up, spanning all of the prefectures and other administrative divisions of Japan.

POLA’s cosmetics history is a history of technological capabilities.

If we look back on the history of POLA’s cosmetics, POLA’s technological capabilities are evident at all times.
For example, take the skin-lightening product WHITE SHOT.
POLA has been pursuing skin lightening for over 60 years.
The company has been a skin-lightening leader not only in the composition of ingredients, but also in theoretical study.
POLA successfully developed the quasi-medical ingredient Rucinol® after 10 years of research, and put forward a new theory focusing on the skin’s ability to self-clear. With each of POLA’s innovations in beauty, the ones who are the most surprised are perhaps those in the cosmetics industry and professionals working at beauty salons.

This moment, new research of beauty is happening.

Announcing a new form of beauty, to all women.
POLA has several facilities dedicated to the research of beauty. The Beauty Laboratory is one of them.
This facility has a mission is to make women more beautiful, and is in continuous pursuit of new beauty possibilities based on over 90 years of POLA research, over 20.2 million skin data points*1, the latest trends, and more.
The people participating in this study are makeup artists, beauty salon professionals, product planners, researchers, and others who are considered pros when it comes to beauty.
Furthermore, the B.A Research Center conducts innovative bioscience research.
While these facilities of course engage in studies of the skin, they also conduct anti-aging research focused on individuals.

  1. 20.2 million data sets: As of December 2022