A company born from a love for the wife.

POLA was founded by the chemist Shinobu Suzuki. One day, he noticed rough skin on his wife’s hands, and thereafter he taught himself how to make his own hand cream, which he gave to his wife as a present.
That moment was the beginning of POLA. Everything got its start not from some kind of business deal, but rather from the love of one human being for another, his wife.
This DNA is still part of POLA today, not only in research and development, but also in the construction of our own designs that our customers will encounter.
We sell our products only with close attention to each one of our customers. This has been the case since POLA was founded, and is something that will forever remain unchanged.

Every BEAUTY DIRECTOR has a story.

About 25,000 BEAUTY DIRECTORS are working all throughout Japan.
Among them, you will find stories that have accumulated from over 90 years of history since the company’s founding.
One example from this collection of stories is that of makeup for those who have passed away. Such a practice marks a final farewell for those who have been associated with beauty their entire lives.
Some of POLA’s customers span three generations in a single family, and some families even have three generations of BEAUTY DIRECTORS.
“I’ll buy from you. I’ll buy because it’s from you.” Hearing these words from a customer warms our hearts.
The love that POLA envisions is one where we face our customers with sincerity, whatever the situation.

Love that one can see, and more of it.
POLA takes action in its own ways.

Through these various actions, POLA communicates love.
Some examples of POLA’s activities include raising awareness of cervical cancer and performing volunteer work to make more women smile and feel happy through beauty.
POLA’s BEAUTY DIRECTORS visit senior citizens’ homes and hospitals all over the country to apply beauty treatments and makeup.