BEAUTY DIRECTORS are the embodiment of POLA’s beauty and skill.

There are some words that POLA treats with great reverence.
These are the words of Shinobu Suzuki, POLA’s founder: “I want us to personally deliver the products that are the best match for them, while giving each person customized level of care and attention.”
The people who are making these thoughts a reality are POLA’s BEAUTY DIRECTORS.
BEAUTY DIRECTORS attend closely to each customer, providing customized beauty treatments based on counseling and beauty salons.
Countless women hope to become more beautiful. Taking the first step towards this goal, however, can sometimes be very difficult. People aren’t sure where to start. BEAUTY DIRECTORS work with individual customers to identify goals. For BEAUTY DIRECTORS, the ability to engage in thoughtful dialog with customers is just as important as their other skills.

Wonder and excitement, with every POLA design our customer encounters.

POLA’s package designs are the work of in-house product designers.
POLA is responsible for everything that a customer encounters, and the product design is no exception.
POLA’s corporate identity, the “POLA Dots”, is a symbol of this way of thinking.
It expresses the concept that the products that POLA manufactures, down to the last drop, transcend time and space and extend without limit.
It shows POLA’s hope and determination that every drop of our products is to be produced with no effort spared, and delivered with care into the hands of every one of our customers.

POLA will continue to communicate art. Now and forever.

As a company that is in continuous pursuit of beauty, we at POLA want to deliver opportunities to encounter beauty to as many people as possible.
With this in mind, POLA actively supports culture and the arts.
The POLA Museum of Art in Hakone houses approximately 10,000 items, ranging from a collection of Impressionistic art to makeup tools. Since it was established in 1976, the POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture has built a history of research into a wide range of topics related to cosmetics, with a focus on aspects that include makeup, women, and aesthetic sense.
In addition, the POLA Museum of Art Annex in Ginza has developed various plans, ranging from a POLA collection to the exhibition of modern art. Take the opportunity to visit and experience the beauty that POLA wants to share.