A More Beautiful You Awaits at Your Local POLA Shop

The feeling that a more beautiful you awaits starts here at POLA. As we have about 510 stores nationwide, you might be surprised to find how close the nearest one is. Please don’t hesitate to pay a visit. There are many discoveries about beauty waiting for you: Aha! moments, taking a liking to something new at your local POLA shop.

What You Can Do at a POLA Shop

More Freedom to Try: Touch Up Spaces

POLA wants to give you more freedom to try popular products and items that catch your attention.
We have semi-self service touch up spaces to explore your interests, from POLA’s top-line skin care brand B.A to our wrinkle-improving Wrinkle Shot.

If you prefer, we can give skin care advice suitable for you based on skin analysis that takes only minutes.
Enjoy your beauty time to your heart’s content.

8.62 Million Skin Care Recommendations—POLA APEX

We work to make sure that you can achieve the skin quality that you desire.
At POLA shops, you can receive POLA APEX Skin Planning, which analyzes your current skin condition and how it can change in the near future, using photographic images of the skin’s surface.

Then, we use video images of the skin during facial movements to analyze its strengths to boost from here on, in order to ensure your skin is still in good condition five and ten years from now. POLA delivers the best skin care solution to each and every customer from our 8.62 million skin care recipes.

* Not available at some POLA stores.

POLA’s Facial Treatments Deliver What Only True Professionals Can.

POLA believes skin is an asset.
Our facial treatments are based on POLA’s state-of-art technologies and original theories, and delivered to you by the hands of professionals.
We deliver sustainable beauty so that it is built up and can be carried with you into the future.
Not just a healing process, not just a reward for the day.
We update the meaning of receiving esthetic treatments by delivering skin that customers can’t achieve on their own to each individual customer.
Please check for yourself with POLA’s trial esthetic treatment.

* Not available at some POLA stores.

Our Beauty Directors are Dedicated to Bringing Out More of Your Beauty.

POLA’s Beauty Directors work together with you toward the beauty that you dream of.

One Beauty Director for each customer—each Beauty Director attends to her customer as her dedicated beauty care partner.
There is a question that every Beauty Director asks herself: What care is truly needed by my customer?
Our Beauty Directors are devoted to the search for the answer to this question, and identify product and service recommendations.
POLA aims to be a presence that seeks for the best together with customers.

To the Envisioned Future of Individual Customers, With Professional Techniques and Knowledge of Beauty

Our Beauty Directors are beauty professionals who have undergone a variety of expert training.
The training programs are packed with the know-how of POLA, which has been advocating facial massage since 1938.
Your Beauty Director will accurately understand your skin problems and body conditions.
She will respond to your needs with solid techniques and beauty knowledge.
Say what you want to be like, heart-to-heart.

Please Visit Your Nearest POLA Shop.

At POLA shops established in over 510 locations nationwide (as of the end of March 2023), we offer skin analysis with which we make skin care recommendations that cater to your unique conditions.

If you prefer, POLA also provides trials of popular products and professional advice on correct skin care techniques.