A More Beautiful You Awaits at Your Local POLA Shop

Retro cafes, a captivating skirt, aromatic and lush walking paths...
Unexpected encounters abound when strolling around town.
For example, the premonition that a more beautiful you awaits.
This begins at your local POLA shop.
We’re surprisingly close by. Please don’t hesitate to pay a visit.
There are many discoveries surrounding beauty: aha! moments, taking a liking to something new... These and more await at your local POLA shop.

Give beauty a try.

POLA shops are filled with various skin care and makeup items that customers are invited to touch, use, and experience. They’re certainly not just for decoration.
From POLA’s top-line skin care brand B.A to our popular wrinkle-improving Wrinkle Shot.
Try Out Beauty to Your Heart’s Extent Skin-clarifying encounters await.

Facial Treatments: A Different Smile the Moment You Walk Out the Door

There are some people who just have a nice smile. What is their secret? It is in the cheeks.
POLA’s face esthetic treatments are based on our knowledge regarding them that we’ve cultivated over the past 90 years.
Drawing from our 18 million*1 skin analyses, we share our answers with customers.
The moment you walk out the door, you’re smile will be different. Why not give it a try? Don’t miss our trial pricing.

Skin Vitals Check—Advice Just for You

Skin Vitals Check: Creating a Beautiful Way Forward
Everyone’s skin is different. Skin varies based on not only age, but also where one lives, eating habits, and more.
Realizing ideal skin first requires an understanding of one’s own current skin.
This is where POLA’s Skin Vitals Check comes into play. We first analyze the inherent power of your skin with a specialized skin camera. Then, based on the results and your skin concerns, we offer tailored advice regarding skin care methods and available products. It only takes 10 minutes.

We have 69,888 ways to care for skin, and we’ll share the one that’s best for you. It only takes 10 minutes and is completely free. The quickest path to beauty—it’s in your skin.

* Some locations do not offer the Skin Vitals Check. Please call in advance.

  1. 18 million analyses: as of January 2019