Personal Program
(60 minutes)Only available at 
certain POLA stores

Incorporates skin analysis to correspond to each customer’s skin concerns. Beauty care for each individual*.

Personal anti-aging care*for customers who want care procedures that correspond to their skin condition.
For plump, clear translucence that will create skin that will enhance your unique beauty.
We can offer 4,064 different care methods for the day of treatment,
based on POLA’s extensive data on skin.

Experience the snug adherence*.
Skin analysis deliberates facial masks for that day’s condition.

Select from eight different under creams and four types of facial masks.

APEX skin planning steps
(Length of session:approximately 30 minutes)

STEP 01Profiling

Profiling will be conducted from three perspectives of SKIN (skin-related concerns), LIFE (lifestyle habits and physical condition), and MIND (requests, values) for accurate planning.



Scientific and objective analysis of the skin is conducted with tablet devices and skin cameras.
Skin condition is analyzed from various angles such as facial movements and photo images.

Fulfilling steps

Along with facial and decollete treatments, head and feet care is also conducted.
It will support the skin to achieve desired by customers.


Course Fees
Trial ¥6,600(
1 time ¥11,550(
3 times ¥31,350(
6 times ¥52,800(


  • Core Beauty*option

    15 minutes ¥2,200 (

    Care for a firmer look, using electric (low-frequency) stimulation with a special machine. With use of special beauty treatment gel.

    • Resilient
  • Deep cleanse

    10 minutes ¥1,650 (

    Ultrasound vibrations with a special machine and special cleansing gel offer deep cleansing care

    • Rough T-zone area
    • Conspicuous/unclean pores*
  • Skin softening mask

    10 minutes ¥1,100 (

    Mild care for skin roughness and dullness*with a facial mask containing moisturizing ingredients

    • Skin roughness
    • Dryness
    • Dullness
  • Concentration Care*
    by WHITE SHOT*

    6 minutes ¥2,750 (

    A cream-type essence that adheres to areas of concern and provides brightening* care with a medicated sheet mask.

    • Dullness
    • Flakiness and dryness
  • Concentration Care

    8 minutes ¥2,750 (

    A stretchy facial mask full of essence and moisture works to provide care for resilient skin

    • Care for the eye and mouth area
    • Flakiness and dryness
  • Eye zone care by B.A

    10 minutes ¥2,200 (

    Care aiming for resilient skin, with eye area treatment using eye cream, facial masks, and hand techniques

    • Eye area care
  • Warm mask for the decollete

    10 minutes ¥3,300 (

    Care for resilient skin using warm-type decollete masks

    • Decollete care
    • Bridal
  • Head care option

    10 minutes ¥2,200 (

    Special head care using a refreshing head lotion

    • For all customers
  • Search for the treatments

    1. *Care for each individual: A system that makes selections according to skin condition
    2. *Anti-aging care: Skin care using cosmetics suited to your age
    3. *Experience the snug adherence: About the firm adherence of facial masks
    4. *Core Beauty: Aiming for true beauty
    5. *Pores: Stratum corneum pores
    6. *Dullness: Due to dryness, uneven texture, and so on.
    7. *Concentration care: Techniques that layer essence on areas of concern
    8. *by WHITE SHOT: Contains the same beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) as WHITE SHOT
    9. *Brightening: Inhibits the accumulation of melanin, and prevents spots, freckles and other blemishes
    10. *by WRINKLE SHOT: Contains the same beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) as WRINKLE SHOT
    11. *by B.A: Containing the same beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) as the B.A brand
    12. *There are three levels of fulfillment to choose from: High-grade, Deep, and Standard