(90 minutes)
Only available at 
certain POLA stores

Actively heighten yourself for a joyous life.
Beauty treatments with the No.1 sense of fulfillment*2

Low-frequency treatments incorporating the most beauty ingredients*in POLA ESTHE treatments, to stimulate the cheeks for intensive care. Beauty ingredients are delivered to every corner of the skin (stratum corneum), for clear, translucent skin, a firm resilience, and skin with a three-dimensional glow*.

A plaster facial mask that envelops the face and neck.
Enjoy the transition of scents which will bring a sense of elation.

*Anti-aging care

*The actual facial mask extends down to the neck as well

Steps Treatments Linked*brand
Double V Facial Mask Full-face sheet mask B.A GRANDLUXE III
Facial mask Essence B.A GRANDLUXE III
Partial sheet mask WRINKLE SHOT
Plaster facial mask B.A GRANDLUXE III

Areas to be treated

  • Face, head and shoulders
  • Decollete and head
  • Core beauty*(Vibration)

Fulfilling steps

Along with a full range of hand treatments, we also offer care for areas of concern,
such as the cheeks and forehead, using machines for low-frequency treatments.


Course Fees
Trial ¥19,800(incl.tax)
1 time ¥24,750(incl.tax)
3 times ¥70,950(incl.tax)
6 times ¥132,000(incl.tax)


  • Deep cleanse

    10 minutes ¥1,650 (incl.tax)

    Ultrasound vibrations with a special machine and special cleansing gel offer deep cleansing care

    • Rough T-zone area
    • Conspicuous/unclean pores*
  • Skin softening mask

    10 minutes ¥1,100 (incl.tax)

    Mild care for skin roughness and dullness*with a facial mask containing moisturizing ingredients

    • Skin roughness
    • Dryness
    • Dullness
  • Eye zone care by B.A

    10 minutes ¥2,200 (incl.tax)

    Care aiming for resilient skin, with eye area treatment using eye cream, facial masks, and hand techniques

    • Eye area care
  • Warm mask for the decollete

    10 minutes ¥3,300 (incl.tax)

    Care for resilient skin using warm-type decollete masks

    • Decollete care
    • Bridal
  • Head care option

    10 minutes ¥2,200 (incl.tax)

    Special head care using a refreshing head lotion

    • For all customers
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    1. *There are three levels of fulfillment to choose from: High-grade, Deep, and Standard
    2. *No.1 sense of fulfillment: The beauty treatment program which takes the most time and has the most steps in the POLA ESTHE program as of January 2022
    3. *Beauty ingredients: Moisturizing ingredients
    4. *Glow: A three-dimensional effect from the glow that moisture provides.
    5. *Anti-aging care: Skin care using cosmetics suited to your age
    6. *Linked: Containing shared beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) with each brand
    7. *Core Beauty: Aiming for true beauty
    8. *Pores: Stratum corneum pores
    9. *Dullness: Due to dryness, uneven texture, and so on.
    10. *by B.A: Containing the same beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) as the B.A brand