In this section, we will answer some of your questions and explain our products and services, so that even first time customers can easily visit a POLA store.

Four Promises of POLA Facial Esthetic Treatments

What We Can Do, as a Cosmetics Company

For 25 years, POLA has been researching the skin of women across Japan aged in their teens through to their 90s, and accumulated around 18 million*1 skin data sets.We use this vast amount of data to develop our products and services, including facial esthetic treatments.

POLA conducts original research on anti-aging and whitening.
Our research is done with human eyes, and using chemistry.
This is how we have developed the hand techniques for facial esthetic treatments that we’ve refined over the past 90 years, and our original theory for treating the cheek area.

POLA cosmetics, such as B.A, have been ranked No. 1 in the BEST COSMETICS AWARDS*2 in numerous women’s magazines.
We also use the technology behind our award-winning cosmetics in our esthetic treatments.

Skin Care Steps

1. Foot Care

This is for relieving tension in your legs, from below the knees down to your toes.

2. Facial Cleansing

POLA’s original cleansing cream is used to remove makeup, sebum, and other dirt from your skin.

3. Décolletage Cleansing

POLA’s original cleansing cream is used to clean your décolletage area.

4. Décolletage Care

A cream containing a blend of natural fragrances*3 is carefully applied on your décolletage, and along your neck and shoulders.

5. Facial Care

Your cheeks and other “stiff spots”*4 on your face, which can affect how you look, will also be slowly and thoroughly cared for.

6. Suction

The suction power of a facial esthetic device is used to remove excess sebum and dirt from the skin’s surface.

7. FP Clear Tapping

This type of massage uses air pressure. It stimulates the face using rhythmical tapping.

8. Drainage

Light and rhythmical air pressure is used to massage the face.

9. Core Beauty*5

This type of skin care uses low frequency wave electrical stimulus.

* Available only at certain stores.
* Only available as the Core Beauty and Beautiful Skin Treatment combination, or the Core Beauty Express.

10. Mask

Each mask used in the esthetic treatments has 10 times the amount of beauty essence contained in a regular mask.
These masks are designed to feel good on the skin, and give a sense of deep penetration into the skin’s layers.

11. Head Care

A stimulating head massage is done to finish the treatment, and leave you feeling refreshed.

Customer Reviews

  • The massage felt really relaxing and pleasant—totally different from doing it myself.
    Woman in her 40s
  • Indulging in some pampering, having my skin regularly checked, and enjoying a relaxing time.These esthetic treatments are so valuable in so many ways.
    Woman in her 40s
  • I’ve become much more “beauty-conscious.”
    Woman in her 40s
  • Skin care is something I tend to neglect when my life becomes busy.
    Now I enjoy having treatments, and I’m able to properly and consistently look after my skin.
    Woman in her 40s
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  • My skin feels good, even in seasons when the air is dry.

    Woman in her 40s

  • I feel so good after the treatment, and it lasts even while on my way home.

    Woman in her 30s

  • I would like to include esthetic treatments not only as a part of my regular skin care routine, but also a week before a special event.

    Woman in her 30s

  • After a recent treatment, I looked and felt so good that I could go home without any makeup on.

    Woman in her 30s

  • My entire face was completely cared for!

    Woman in her 30s

  • The massage techniques used in the Core Beauty treatment are not something I can usually do myself. It felt really good.

    Woman in her 20s

  • The Beauty Director carefully treated the areas of my skin that are causing me some concern. I was really happy with the treatment.

    Woman in her 20s

  • What’s the “extra” part of facials that everyday skin care doesn’t do?
    I used to wonder about that until I had one for myself; now I really understood the value of having an esthetic treatment.

    Woman in her 20s


Q. Where can I have a POLA esthetic treatment?
We offer esthetic treatments at POLA The Beauty shops, and at other POLA stores.
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Q. Please tell me how to book an esthetic treatment.
You can make a reservation on our website or by telephone.(Please make a reservation for the V Superior Care Course and Body Esthetic Treatments by telephone.)
Please check the POLA Esthetic Treatments on our website.Select the course that suits your skin concerns, and choose your preferred POLA store.Please fill in the special form to make a reservation.You will receive an email or phone call from the store a few days later to confirm your reservation.
If you would like to change the details of your confirmed reservation, please contact the POLA store you selected or your appointed POLA Beauty Director.
Q. I’d like to know more details about POLA esthetic treatments.
POLA’s facial esthetic treatments are exclusive to a cosmetics manufacturer which has continued to carefully and continuously look at the skin of Japanese women to gain a deeper knowledge of each woman’s skin. In our original esthetic mask massage, we condense the skin care technologies we have acquired over many years into a treatment that uses POLA’s beauty ingredients*6. Our facial care treatments also include the décolletage area.
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Q. Roughly how long does an esthetic treatment last?
The time for each esthetic treatment varies, but one treatment generally lasts for about 50–85 minutes. (The V Superior Care Course lasts for about 100 minutes). If you include the time before and after the treatment for counseling, changing clothes, and fixing your makeup, etc., then the treatment takes around 120–130 minutes. First time customers (trial esthetic treatments) should allow around 150 minutes in total.
Q. Is there a parking space at the POLA store?
Some POLA stores have parking spaces.
Please inquire with each store to confirm.
Q. Is there anything I should bring with me to the esthetic treatment?
The facial massage reaches the area around your eyes.If you wear contact lenses, then please bring a contact lens case and preservative solution with you for both hard and soft lenses, so that you can remove your contact lenses if required.We will provide you with a gown to wear during the treatment, and makeup and other items to use after it.
Q. My skin condition is not good at the moment; can I still have an esthetic treatment?
We do not offer treatments to women who are currently seeing a dermatologist or suffering from skin problems.In some cases, we will be unable to provide treatment after checking the condition of the customer’s skin.We ask for your understanding in this regard.
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Q. Do I need to pay a joining fee and annual fee for POLA esthetic treatments?
There is no need to pay a joining fee and annual fee for POLA esthetic treatments.We want to make having esthetic treatments convenient for our customers, so there is no other charge except for the treatment itself.
Q. Does the esthetic treatment price include the cosmetics used?
Yes, all of the cosmetics used in the treatment are included in the price. If you would like to purchase some of the products used in the treatment for your personal use at home, then those products you purchase will be charged separately.
Q. What is the trial esthetic treatment for first time customers only?
POLA customers who would like to try an esthetic treatment for the first time can do so for a special trial price.
Each of the trial esthetic treatments is available only once, for each first time customer.
Please note that first time customers do not include customers who have had an esthetic treatment at another POLA store, or had a different treatment at the same store.
Q. After the treatment, is there an explanation of the cosmetics used?
We will explain the products used in the treatment, how you can also use them at home, and other useful information to suit your skin and needs.
We will not insistently promote any products for purchase.
Q. Can men also have a POLA esthetic treatment?
We are sorry, but we only offer POLA esthetic treatments for women.We ask for your understanding in this regard.
Q. Are there any situations where it is not possible to have an esthetic treatment?
We are sorry, but we are unable to offer esthetic treatments to customers who have a fever and other symptoms of poor health, who are currently experiencing skin problems, or who are not feeling good.
We will check the customer’s condition prior to the treatment.
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Q. What kind of people do you recommend personalized skin care for?
We recommend personalized skin care for customers who want to have a personalized esthetic treatment, who aren’t sure of the skin care products that suit them, or who have skin concerns and would like to have their skin condition checked before having a treatment.
Q. What makes this type of skin care “personalized”?
We use each customer’s skin Condition Analysis and Potential Analysis results to select suitable base essences, creams, and masks to use. Some courses also offer the choice of adding on options to suit your skin concerns.
Q. What kind of special personalized skin care courses do you offer?
Similar to the other esthetic treatments we offer, the personalized skin care courses can be taken once, or also in a special set of three and six times. First we recommend you purchase a cleansing, wash, and massage treatment, and then we will suggest suitable base essences, creams, and masks using the skin planning results and your skin condition at that time.
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Q. Is there an expiration date for the esthetic treatment courses?
The esthetic treatment courses are valid for one year from the start date, regardless of the number of courses taken.
Please plan your treatment reservations within the valid period.
Please check the documents sent to you by POLA, receipts, and the esthetic service course details for the start date.
Q. I signed up for an esthetic treatment course, but I’ve moved since then. What should I do?
We can cancel the course midway through, if it is still within one year from the start date. Please check the documents on your course, and contact the appointed store noted in them.
Q. Can I change the store where I have my esthetic treatments midway through the course?
The esthetic treatment course is valid only at the specific store initially selected. Therefore, we are sorry but it is not really possible to change the store midway through the course.
Q. Can I change the appointed POLA Beauty Director for my esthetic treatments?
Please consult with the appointed store where you have your treatments if you would like to do this.

First, please make an appointment for a trial esthetic treatment at your nearest POLA store.

First time customers can enjoy an esthetic treatment at a trial price.Please take advantage of this opportunity to easily experience for yourself a POLA esthetic treatment.

We will confirm the details with customers who have booked a POLA esthetic treatment for the first time, prior to the appointment.

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  1. 18 million data sets: as of January 2019
  2. BEST COSMETICS AWARDS: Awards given in various women’s magazines
  3. Contains a blend of natural fragrances: Used in part of the fragrance
  4. Stiff spots: Areas on the face that feel quite stiff
  5. Core Beauty: Aiming for true beauty
  6. Beauty ingredients: Moisturizing ingredients