Where can I go to receive POLA's esthetic treatments?

Treatments are available at POLA The Beauty all over Japan, and other POLA shops.
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How do I make reservations for esthetic treatments?

Reservations can be made online and by telephone. (Reservations for the V Superior Care Course and body treatments are only accepted through telephone calls)
Confirm the esthetic treatment content online. Select the desired course according to your skin concern, and select the desired shop. Apply from the special form. Your reservation will be confirmed with an email or telephone call from the shop at a later date.
Please contact your designated shop or BEAUTY DIRECTOR if you would like to make changes to your reservation after making an appointment.

I would like to know more details about these treatments.

We offer “facial treatments” as a cosmetics manufacturer with extensive knowledge on individual skin through our commitment towards the skin of Japanese women. These original esthetic mask massages bring together many years of skin care research technology with POLA’s beauty ingredients*. It cares for the face and the decollete area as well.
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How long does a treatment session take?

Although it differs according to the treatment, a session is approximately 50 minutes to 85 minutes (the V Superior Care Course is approximately 100 minutes). After adding the time necessary for consultation, changing clothes and makeup, the total duration is approximately 120 to 130 minutes. First time customers (at trial esthetic treatments), be aware that the session may take a total of approximately 150 minutes.

Is there parking available?

Some shops will offer parking spaces.
Please make an inquiry to your designated shop for parking information.

Is there anything I need to receive treatment?

Treatments include facial massages near the eyes. If you are a contact lens users, please bring your contact lens case and contact lens liquid so that you can remove your contact lenses, regardless of if you have hard or soft lenses. Gowns to wear during treatment and makeup products for after treatment will be provided.

Is it possible to receive treatment, even if I have skin issues?

We cannot offer esthetic treatments to customers who are under the care of a dermatologist or currently having skin problems. Please be aware that we may not be able to offer treatments depending on the customer’s skin condition on the day of the appointment. We appreciate your understanding of this matter.
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Are there any entry fees or annual fees for the esthetic treatments?

There are no entry fees or annual fees. We do not ask for any fees beyond that of the treatments, to make it easier for customers to continue treatments.

Do esthetic treatment fees include cosmetics as well?

Fees include all cosmetics necessary for the treatment. Additional fees will be necessary when purchasing products for home care.

Please tell me about the first-time trial treatment.

POLA offers trial fees for first-time customers to esthetic treatments.
These trial fees are limited to one time, one type of treatment, to one customer.
Please note that customers who have received treatments at other POLA shops, or different treatments at the same shop will not be applicable for “first-time” fees.

Will I receive information on cosmetic products after the treatment?

We will introduce products according to each customers’ skin and request, such as home care for the skin.
There will not be any aggressive sales talks made.

Can men receive these treatments?

Esthetic treatments for men started in August 2022.
As facilities and environments are limited for men’s esthetic treatments, only facial and decollete services are available at selected stores.
Please confirm the list of available stores and make advance reservations by telephone.
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Are there cases in which customers will not be able to receive treatments?

We may not offer treatments to customers who are of ill health (such as running a fever), are having skin issues, or are not feeling well.
We will check for these conditions before starting treatments.
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Is esthetic treatment safe after receiving vaccination shots to prevent infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and influenza?

“Avoid stimulating the injected area” is an important precaution when dealing with vaccinations.
We ask that customers refrain from receiving esthetic treatment on days they have been vaccinated, as POLA’s decollete esthetic treatments touch the chest and upper arms.
Please make reservations (waiting three days to one week after vaccination is recommended) after confirming there is no redness or swelling in the injected area, and there are no symptoms such as fever.

What types of individuals are recommended to receive personalized care?

It is recommended for individuals such as those who want to receive esthetic treatments at their own pace, individuals who are not sure what treatments are right for them, and individuals who have skin concerns they want to check before receiving treatments.

What is the “personalized” aspect of personalized care?

A selection of under essences, creams and masks based on the Condition Analysis and Potential Analysis of each customer's skin. Furthermore, some courses also offer optional treatments according to each individual’s skin concerns.

Are there any special courses for personalized care?

As with other esthetic treatments, we offer not only single sessions, but also 3 or 6 sessions of special courses. Cleansing, face wash, and massage products will be purchased at the first appointment, and POLA will propose under essences, creams and masks according to the customer’s current skin condition with skin planning results in consideration, if requested.
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Are there any bridal esthetic treatments available?

POLA’s bridal esthetic treatments can be customized to create original plans for each customer, based on individual skin concerns, date of the wedding, dress design, and budget.
Furthermore, POLA can also recommend daily home care by request, to further enhance one’s beauty during the limited time before a wedding.
See details about bridal esthetic treatments here

Does the esthetic treatment contract have an expiration date?

The esthetic treatment contract is valid for one year after entering the contract, regardless of the number of treatments the customer has selected.
Please plan appointments carefully and receive all treatments within a year.
Confirm the starting date of the contract by the delivery documents, receipts, or esthetic service contract.

I have entered a course contract for esthetic treatment, but am planning to move away. What should I do?

Mid-term cancellation of the contract is accepted, if the customer is within a valid contract term. Please confirm your contract documents and notify the shop at which you entered the contract.

Is it possible to change shops to receive treatment in the middle of a course?

Esthetic contracts are valid only at the shop at which the contract was made. Shops cannot be changed in the middle of a contract.

Is it possible to change my BEAUTY DIRECTOR?

Please make an inquiry to your designated shop if you have any requests.

  1. *Beauty ingredients: Moisturizing ingredients