For treatment that aims to achieve beauty, but is also sustainable.

What happens when we think of the skin as an asset?
A new form of treatment becomes visible.

For all women who are looking for a smart way to become more beautiful.
POLA thinks of the skin as an asset, and is updating what it means to go to a
beauty treatment salon.
The symbols of this update are a stronger core beauty, and a skin beauty treatment that applies the latest in cosmetics technologies.
This isn’t a treatment that ends with relaxation time, or with special gifts. We deliver a sustainable beauty that is capable of building towards the future.

Facial treatments—they are our science.

POLA’s facial treatments are specialized treatments for the face that are only possible from a cosmetics company. Beginning with POLA’s cutting-edge treatment theory, we provide a personalized menu of services that meet the needs of an individual’s skin.
The technology of our skin care brands is used to achieve this goal. We seek to grant all women access to the skin they want to have, through the use of dedicated devices and professional techniques.

Coming in contact with the skin. Taking charge of it.
This is the feeling, wherever it might be.

Since 1938, POLA has been an advocate of facial massage.
We feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the skin, a feeling that grew from our experience examining women’s skin on 18 million*1 occasions.
It’s one person to another. A dedicated*2 beauty director interacts closely with customers to offer plans that meet their needs, providing peace of mind that can be continued and leads to the desire to continue.

First, please make an appointment for a trial esthetic treatment at your nearest POLA store.

First time customers can enjoy an esthetic treatment at a trial price.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to easily experience for yourself a POLA esthetic treatment.

We will confirm the details with customers who have booked a POLA esthetic treatment for the first time, prior to the appointment.

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*1 18 million data sets: as of January 2019
*2 Dedicated: Each customer will have a dedicated POLA Beauty Director specially appointed to them.