When it comes to your skin, you can’t do everything yourself.

For a more brilliant expression.
The new Pola Facial Treatment begins now.
From a combination of unique theories, the skill of professionals, and the latest technologies from Pola.
We put the core* within you to work, designing rich and lively expressions.

Our skin is one of our assets.
For this reason, we have a duty to attend to our skin, whatever the situation.
We can’t do it just to relax, or as a reward on only one particular day.
Pola is redefining what it means to receive beauty treatments with a greater understanding of every aspect, while taking the long view.
Building on past treatments* to do things that weren’t possible before.
For everyone who wants a smart way to become more beautiful.
One by one, we are helping people arrive at the kind of beauty they can’t achieve themselves.

Pola Facial Treatment

  1. True beauty
  2. Pola Facial Treatment