Eliminate gender, age, and regional disparities and various other barriers.

  • We aim for a society in which everyone can fully participate, by eliminating not just the gender gap, but also any barriers based on age, regional, and other factors.
  • We return the new value generated by collaboration with local governments, NPOs, and locally-rooted companies to society at large. We are working to enable female business owners to contribute to society as company management.
  • In the area of culture, we are supporting initiatives that offer people ways to experience life more richly and colorfully.

Fostering business leaders

In the past, our “POLA Success Road” growth index, which serves as the foundation of our local training and education system for Beauty Directors (BDs), was basically based on sales volume. Now, after reflecting on the energy and character of today’s women, we have redefined growth in business to include sociality and humanity based on skills and experience, and making a greater contribution to people and society. In accordance with concept, we have substantially redesigned our training curriculum.

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Promotion of active participation by women.

As a company dedicated to supporting women’s participation, we are fostering a work culture and environment that allows all employees, irrespective of gender, to fully demonstrate their abilities, for example by creating more opportunities for eager and capable female employees to take on more challenging roles and managerial responsibilities. In fact, POLA has been praised for its efforts to promote women’s participation in work in line with changing lifestyles, winning selection under the “New Diversity Management Selection 100” program* (of METI) in 2014 as a company that enhances corporate value through diversity management. We are trying hard to promote diversity with the goal of shaping a company in which each and every employee has the potential to build a career and engage vigorously in their work. Since the majority of our customers are female, the women of POLA exert tremendous influence in various ways. For example, since they can relate strongly to the consumers of our products, they contribute valuable input to the development of products and refinement of services.
*Women = All women, including those who self-identify as women

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For details on our certification by the Nagoya City Gender Equality Promotion Center & Women’s Center, click here.

Local communities × POLA

In November 2017, POLA signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Akita Prefecture (northeastern Japan), renowned for its strong association with feminine beauty, as typified by the expression “Akita Bijin” (“Akita beauty”).
We are working on a range of initiatives such as empowering women and supporting their careers, promoting the prefecture under the slogan “Akita, the Land of Beauty,” and improving services for residents of the prefecture to revive local communities. In October 2018, we signed a similar partnership agreement with Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture. POLA’s plan is to expand co-creation relationships with everyone in local communities to revitalize the region, tackling local social challenges.

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Work Beautifully Project.

If local communities become more and more lively, the atmosphere of the country can change completely. Based on this vision, POLA is aiming to revitalize local communities in Japan through the activities of its Beauty Directors. This is what we call our “Work Beautifully Project.” As a company, we want to actively engage and resonate with local communities.

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Transmitting beauty and culture.

Through the POLA Museum of Art and in other ways, we are pursuing research on eastern and western cultures, focusing on makeup and aesthetics, to communicate the essence of beauty and culture to the next generations.

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Supporting “Fairy Japan POLA” with beauty technology.

Since 2007, POLA has supported the “Fairy Japan POLA” Rhythmic Gymnastics Japan National Team as an official partner. In a variety of ways, we compete together with the team members. For example, beauty coaches selected from within the company have developed new makeup for international competitions and special makeup products for gymnasts (not for sale), and provided team members with makeup lessons, skin checks and skin care advice, and hairstyles that remain in place during competition. For the world stage, we continue our support activities for the team, including daily care for maintaining healthy skin and drawing out radiant beauty from deep inside the skin, even in harsh sporting environments.

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