Take action to connect the environment to the future and next generations.

  • While setting out to achieve new value creation for customers, we focus simultaneously on environmentally conscious services.
  • In July 2019 we achieved complete digitalization of our brand APEX, for personalized skin care support. This has resulted in a substantial reduction of paper and plastic consumption.
  • We have strived to achieve both customer satisfaction and environment-friendly performance by offering refills for our main products for many years, switching to web-based product brochures, using forest-certified paper and fair trade fragrances, and dealing with the issue of microbeads in cosmetics.

Reducing use of shopping bags

As a general policy, we will discontinue offering shopping bags, to make efforts with customers to reduce environmental impact.
Promotion of bringing your own bag, which has already started in some shops in Japan, will expand to all shops and department store corners across the country. We will continue to make environmentally friendly efforts.

Reducing environmental impact through digitalization.

Previously, the skin analysis service offered under our personalized skin service brand APEX utilized an original skin checker and counseling sheet to acquire customer information and an advice sheet to return analysis results. Now, by completely digitalizing the analysis service, we have significantly reduced its environmental impact.

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Stylish and Environmentally-Friendly Designs

POLA creates environmentally-friendly packages that enable customers to feel good not only when using but also after having finished using our products. Consider our high-prestige B.A product series. At an early stage in the industry we began offering refillable containers, making its lineup both stylish and environmentally friendly. POLA is continually working to reduce our environmental burden. For example, when revamping products, we switch to container designs that are easily recyclable.


We are also responding to the issue of microplastics, about which concerns are being raised regarding ocean pollution and their influence on the food chain. At POLA, we have chosen to reduce our environmental burden in a variety of ways, including replacing, without affecting texture during use, the microplastics used in some exfoliators and other products with naturally derived materials. We will continue to take into account various environmental concerns in our product development and production.

Reducing Office Environmental Burdens

POLA also works to reduce environmental burdens at offices in a way that is connected to work-style reforms. In addition to reducing power usage by limiting overtime and holiday work, we are also making work more efficient by going paperless, effectively using storage space, and more. Our office sites work to ensure that trash is sorted properly, as well as to improve recycling rates.

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