Create opportunities for all kinds of people to be active and healthy.

  • We aim to exercise a wholesome management culture, and to create an organization that is physically and psychologically healthy, receptive and responsive, and capable and effective.
  • We strive to achieve a workplace environment that is friendly even for people who can only work limited hours, due to illness, parenting, nursing care, etc.
    By allowing flexible and personalized work styles, we aim to empower each individual to deliver high performance and achieve higher levels of productivity and creativity.
  • We will generate new value through collaboration with external partners and work style innovations.

Living With Cancer Program

POLA has launched the “Living With Cancer” program, which supports our employees and their families, including our approximately 33,000 Beauty Directors.* Currently, it is said that one in every two people in Japan will suffer from cancer, so if we consider all the people who support and care for a near and dear cancer patient, almost everyone will confront the disease sooner or later.
With the “Living With Cancer” program, POLA is confronting the issue of cancer unflinchingly. In addition to cultivating a culture that enables everyone to recognize the unique and precious value of every human life, we are developing various cancer support programs.

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Promoting better work-life balance.

As part of our career support measures to help women navigate the stages of their lives, we are working proactively to make it easier to balance work with childcare. POLA has established and improved systems to enable greater work style diversity, e.g., by extending childcare leave time, enabling the option of working shorter hours or working more flexibly in accordance with childcare demands (up to third year of elementary school). But on top of this, to enable a smoother return to the workplace after childcare leave, we brief managers about our work-life balance system, and before an employee returns to work after childcare leave we arrange an interview with their boss. Furthermore, we look at ways to facilitate career path design that takes into account childcare, for example by offering career design training to employees returning from childcare leave. As a measure of our success with this approach, the return rate of our employees after childcare leave is very high (95.5% in 2018).

Transformation of work styles to generate co-creation.

We believe that co-creation (collaborative creation) that transcends organizational boundaries and barriers of hierarchy or position has the potential to generate surprise and excitement. To create a work environment that enables people to connect organically and facilitates the creation of new value, we have introduced a telecommuting system called “Anywhere Work.” We have also set up an open meeting space and a standing-style work space. On some floors we have also adopted a “free address” environment (in which employees are free to change seats). We have started efforts to ensure that active communication in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions to create new value.

Environment for demonstrating abilities (Future Research Study Group, Business Transformation School, and Sensibility Polishing Seminars)

In 2017 we introduced a group FA (free agent) system and in-house venture system as a way of responding to the aspirations and career visions of individuals. This initiative aims at providing opportunities for ambitious employees to tackle a variety of challenges and new experiences. Additionally, we have expanded our cross-group training program for developing next-generation management talent. Our “Future Research Study Group” for young employees is a practical program focused on implementing innovations within the company and groups. At the same time, we continue to run our “Business Transformation School” for managers. Furthermore, we are working to create opportunities to facilitate the expression of multi-faceted capabilities, e.g., by holding “Sensibility Polishing Seminars” on a variety of topics.

+Design Project: An initiative in which employees actively convey and communicate towards the society

This is a project by employee volunteers that gives birth to novel ways of thinking, behavior, and values, through mutual brainstorming with POLA and external parties on problems and uneasiness consumers are experiencing, under the belief that just a slight change of perspective or adding a little something can transform what we have now into something with value. At the moment, the initiative has released content on POLA's official Facebook page and YouTube channel, offering contents that consumers will want to immediately incorporate and apply to their lives.

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  • As of December 31, 2021