Beauty has no limit.
Dreams are never ending.

The world is their stage.
Every graceful move stunning.
They are Fairy Japan POLA,
the Japanese national rhythmic gymnastics team.
With the strength and willpower of champions to never give up.
Facing a constant challenge to achieve striking beauty and excellence.
So that each athlete will triumph we at POLA have continued
to support them for 13 years.
With determination to succeed to accomplish our mutual goal –
to pursue beauty further and realize our dreams,
we are taking huge strides together.

POLA is proud to support “FAIRY JAPAN POLA.”

POLA’s goal as a company is to contribute to a beautiful and rich society by supporting a vibrant lifestyle for women.
From the desire to support women working hard toward their dreams and as part of its corporate activities program POLA began offering beauty support as an official partner of the Japanese national rhythmic gymnastics team, “FAIRY JAPAN POLA,” in August 2007.
Seven years later in August 2014, POLA further solidified their support by personally representing Japan’s athletes.

Personalized Service

Over the years, POLA has worked hard to develop its knowledge of beauty, skin care and makeup technologies, and personalized service.
POLA utilizes these strengths in its support for Japan’s rhythmic gymnasts, who are required to possess a certain level of aesthetics. POLA helps these girls shine on the world stage by providing both emotional and cosmetic support.

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