Fulfilling the Social Responsibilities and Contributions Expected of a Good Corporate Citizen

Since its foundation, the POLA ORBIS Group remains committed to its long-held spirit to "find happiness in giving happiness" as it strives to build a corporate brand that is loved and trusted by society.

The Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities reflect efforts to cultivate this spirit and to fulfill its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in contributing to society.

POLA ORBIS Group CSR Activities

POLA Initiative 5
Maintaining Environmental Awareness

POLA’s environmentally friendly product manufacturing includes voluntary standards such as “Eco-Standard for Contents” and “Eco-Standard for Containers and Packaging” as well as consideration for necessary environmental measures beginning in the planning and design stages. This allows POLA to ensure product manufacturing tailored to the life cycle of the product, from the procurement of raw materials to the disposal of containers after use.