New Discovery: Latent Wrinkles*1 and Permanent Wrinkles

POLA is working on the challenge of discovering the mechanism of how wrinkles form.
How do wrinkles develop?
In 2017, we identified that one factor is the breakdown of dermis components by neutrophil elastase.
This causes permanent wrinkles*2.

Mechanism of the development of permanent wrinkles

Improving Wrinkles Using the Skin’s Intrinsic Power
The World’s Only Wrinkle-Improving Mechanism.

Wrinkles occur from repeated mild inflammations within the skin due to facial expressions and exposure to external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays.
So why do they cause wrinkles to form? The all-important answer to this question remained a mystery.
That is until POLA became the first company in the world to discover the mechanism that forms wrinkles.
Neutrophils, which are a type of white blood cell, mistake these mild inflammations caused by ultraviolet rays and other stimuli as wounds to the skin.
This results in the excessive secretion of neutrophil elastase, which causes the deterioration of collagen and other components of the dermis components.
So we learnt that this is one of the reasons why wrinkles form.
And we also realized that the key to improving wrinkles is inhibiting the secretion of neutrophil elastase. POLA’s original NEI-L1*5 is a quasi-drug active ingredient that adjusts the balance of production and reduction of the dermis components, and stimulates the improvement of wrinkles using the skin’s intrinsic power.

Wrinkle-Improving Mechanism That Inhibits Deterioration of the Dermis Components

The primary cause of dermal wrinkles is the excessive deterioration of collagen and other dermis components. NEI-L1 inhibits the activity of neutrophil elastase, and suppresses the excessive deterioration of the dermis components.

Look at My Cheek! It’s Proof of My Dedication.

Research & Planning Division Manager: Toshihiro Hinokitani

The discovery of POLA’s original NEI-L1 active ingredient has shone a bright light on wrinkle improvement.
However, the joy of this discovery was only short-lived. In the course of finding a stable formula for NEI-L1, there were countless moments when we felt discouraged and thought, “this isn’t going to work...”
But we also believed, “we have to make this discovery known to the world!” So we continued a process of trial and error, until we arrived at the Wrinkle Shot that’s available today.
It’s been eight years since I started testing the product on my own skin - in my role as a developer, of course... However, there is one thing I somewhat regret;
I’ve only been applying Wrinkle Shot to one of my cheeks.
Just look at the left side of my face in the picture!
So, I recommend that everyone uses Wrinkle Shot evenly on both cheeks.

New Focus: Latent Wrinkles Develop Deep in the Skin

Latent wrinkles are wrinkles that temporarily appear with certain facial movements and have not yet become permanent wrinkles.
We found that even among women in their 30’s and 40’s who seemingly don’t have wrinkles, about 70% of them cared about the wrinkles that appear with facial movement.

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  1. Latent wrinkles: Wrinkles that temporarily appear with certain facial movements (coined by POLA).
  2. Permanent wrinkles: Wrinkles that are permanently visible on the face (coined by POLA).
  3. Wrinkle-improving: Recognized as achieving a significant change in wrinkle improvement in the Wrinkle Grade evaluation standard listed in the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society’s “Guidelines for Evaluation of Anti-Wrinkle Products” for the approval of new functions.
  4. The only wrinkle improvement mechanism in the world: A wrinkle-improving mechanism that balances the break down and production of the dermis, by inhibiting the activation of neutrophil elastase.
  5. NEI-L1: Ingredient name - Sodium [[trifluoro-isopropyl-oxopropyl] aminocarbonyl] pyrrolidinyl] carbonyl] -methylpropyl] aminocarbonyl] benzoylamino] acetate

* Anti-aging care: Skin care using cosmetics suited to your age
* Facial expression pressure: Force applied to the skin by facial movements.