Wrinkle generation mechanisms discovered by POLA

POLA is striving to unravel the mechanisms for wrinkle generation.
How are wrinkles born in the first place?
In 2017, we discovered that one reason is the degradation of dermis components due to neutrophil elastase.
We have been continuing research on wrinkles since then as well.

Wrinkle generation mechanisms

Wrinkle improvement with the skin’s original strengths*.
The world’s only wrinkle improvement mechanism*.

Wrinkles are created by small inflammations due to elements such as UV rays or expression pressure.
Why do these elements cause wrinkles? There were important factors that were still a mystery.
POLA was the first company in the world to discover these mechanisms.
A type of white blood cell called “neutrophil” confuse these minor inflammations, caused by elements such as UV rays, with wounds.
This causes an excess release of “neutrophil elastase” which causes degradation of dermis components such as collagen.
This is one of the reasons for wrinkles.
The key for wrinkle improvement lies in inhibiting this activity. POLA’s unique quasi-drug active ingredient “NEI-L1*” corrects the balance of dermis components degradation and generation, promoting wrinkle improvement with the skin’s original strengths.

Wrinkle improvement mechanism of “Inhibiting degradation of dermis components”

The major cause of dermal wrinkles is excess degradation of dermis components such as collagen. NEI-L1 suppresses the activity of neutrophil elastase to inhibit excess degradation of dermis components.

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  • Wrinkle improvement: Significance acquired based on the evaluation criteria of the Guideline for Evaluation of Anti-wrinkle Products established by the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society.
  • The world’s only wrinkle improvement mechanism: A wrinkle improvement mechanism that corrects the balance of dermis degradation and generation by inhibiting activities of neutrophil elastase.
  • NEI-L1: Ingredient name Trifluoro-isopropyl-oxopropyl aminocarbonyl pyrrolidinyl carbonyl methylpropyl aminocarbonyl benzoylamino sodium aminoacetate
  • Expression Pressure: The force applied to skin due to movements of facial expressions.
  • Scientific analysis of skin changes in approximately 1,600 test subjects: Using products that contain the active ingredient NEI-L1