[Quasi-drug] (Serum)

Introducing the renewal of WRINKLE SHOT, Japan’s first ever medicated wrinkle improvement cosmetic.

20g ¥14,850 (incl. tax)
Lasts For: Approx. 4 months for 1 site; Approx. 2 months for 2 sites.

Allergy tested (This does not guarantee that all users will not have allergic reaction)



[Quasi-drug] (Serum)

POLA focused on the facial expression pressure*1 applied to the skin by facial movements. This cosmeceutical hydrates your skin*2 and makes it firm and supple.

40g JPY 11,000 including tax
Refill 40g JPY 10,450 including tax
Fragrance free
Allergy tested (This does not guarantee that all users will not have allergic reaction)

How to Use

Amount of Use

2 drops of 5 mm diameter per one area (laugh lines, outer corner of both eyes, around the eyes and forehead).
Lasts for about 4 months when used on 1 site. Lasts for about 2 months when used on 2 sites.

How to Apply

Tips for Spreading the Serum

Skincare Regimen

* Please use the serum according to your unique skin concerns and condition. Please make sure to cleanse your skin before applying makeup and sunscreen products.
* Please apply Wrinkle Shot Serum as the final step when using it with other serums and beauty essences (for POLA products, these include White Shot SXS, White Shot CXS, B.A Grandluxe II, B.A Serum Revup, etc.)

Product Features

Wrinkle-Improving Mechanism That Inhibits Deterioration of the Dermis Components

The primary cause of dermal wrinkles*3 is the excessive deterioration of collagen and other dermis components. NEI-L1*4 inhibits the activity of neutrophil elastase, and suppresses the excessive deterioration of the dermis components.

Wrinkled area in the dermis
Improving wrinkles in the dermis

Use B.A for Moisturizing Before Applying Wrinkle Shot

B.A Basic Set

Includes B.A Cleansing, Wash, Lotion, Milk, and Cream.
Experience the melt-into-your-skin superior and smooth texture of the B.A line with this basic set.
The set will last for about 2 weeks of daily use.

* Not available at the POLA counter at department stores.
JPY 11,000 including tax

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  1. Facial expression pressure: Force applied to the skin by facial movements
  2. Skin: Stratum corneum
  3. first cosmeceutical for improving wrinkles to receive approval in Japan: Wrinkle Shot is the first product of its kind to receive approval in Japan in July 2016 as a wrinkle-improving quasi-drug.
  4. improving wrinkles: Recognized as achieving a significant change in wrinkle improvement in the Wrinkle Grade evaluation standard listed in the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society’s “Guidelines for Evaluation of Anti-Wrinkle Products” for the approval of new functions.
  5. Dermal wrinkles: Wrinkles caused by disturbances in the dermal structure.
  6. NEI-L1: Ingredient name - Sodium [[trifluoro-isopropyl-oxopropyl] aminocarbonyl] pyrrolidinyl] carbonyl] -methylpropyl] aminocarbonyl] benzoylamino] acetate

* Anti-aging care: Skin care using cosmetics suited to your age
* skin: stratum corneum