This was the core concept of design.

The design concept for “WRINKLE SHOT MEDICAL SERUM” is “Discovery”.
It features imagery of “a quest to discover an unexplored planet”, as Japan’s first *cosmeceutical for wrinkle improvement. There are three colors.
Spacesuit challenging orange, blue from the universe, and gold from the planets

A Handwritten-Style Logo Mark.
The Signature on our “Contract” to You.

We have a clear concept for this logo mark.
It’s our signature on the contract we have with our customers. The WRINKLE SHOT logo mark embodies the earnest wish we have to seriously address with this brand the universal concern of wrinkles using the power of science, and help each women to keep looking her radiant best.
This handwritten style was selected from the hundreds of patterns created by POLA’s product designer.

We want to be the driving force of the wrinkle improvement market.
We hope to carry this torch into the future.

Designer/Akira Hamuro

WRINKLE SHOT was launched in 2017, causing a stir not only in the cosmetic industry as a pioneering product in the wrinkle market, but also in the design industry, earning numerous achievements.
We want this new WRINKLE SHOT to outdo its predecessor.
Lots of discussion and trial-and-error was carried out to incorporate this sentiment into the product design.
I believe that the key is in having the color orange as the successor, and we created a minimalized container form to enhance the presence of the Challenging Orange color, with a stronger impact on the color.
It offers an increasingly positive perspective toward wrinkle improvement. I hope the image of this product as a pioneer, which is incorporated in the Spacesuit Challenging Orange color, will firmly establish itself.

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  • Wrinkle improvement: Significance acquired based on the evaluation criteria of the Guideline for Evaluation of Anti-wrinkle Products established by the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society.