The Axis of This Design

The design concept for WRINKLE SHOT Serum is “discovery.”
We’ve chosen the image of “a journey to still undiscovered stars” to embody the essence of Japan’s first cosmeceutical for improving wrinkles*1. The color palette is three hues:
A “space blue” hue for the universe, gold for the stars, and a shade of orange we call “challenging orange” for the spacesuits worn on the journey.

「前人未到の星を発見する旅」をイメージ 宇宙のスペースブルー 星のゴールド 宇宙服のチャレンジングオレンジ

A Handwritten-Style Logo Mark.
The Signature on our “Contract” to You.

We have a clear concept for this logo mark.
It’s our signature on the contract we have with our customers. The WRINKLE SHOT logo mark embodies the earnest wish we have to seriously address with this brand the universal concern of wrinkles using the power of science, and help each women to keep looking her radiant best.
This handwritten style was selected from the hundreds of patterns created by POLA’s product designer.

wrinkle shot

WRINKLE SHOT is the Reason for This Design.

Designer: Yushi Watanabe

My initial designs for WRINKLE SHOT were completely different from the final version.
A lot of what I came up with were single-color styles, such as all blue.
The concept was discovery, yet every design I drew seemed like I had already seen it.
The turning point in the design process was the moment I removed the restriction on the coloring. After much trial and error, I finally felt “this is fresh and new” when I came up with a gold cap and blue body combination.
This design challenges the senses, so the opinions about it were divided; but that’s also a sign of an impactful design.
I believe a strong design is one that customers will love for a long time.

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  1. improving wrinkles: Recognized as achieving a significant change in wrinkle improvement in the Wrinkle Grade evaluation standard listed in the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society’s “Guidelines for Evaluation of Anti-Wrinkle Products” for the approval of new functions.