The only wrinkle improvement mechanism in the world.*1

One day, the impossible becomes possible.
January 1 2017,Introducing POLA WRINKLE SHOT, the first medicinal cosmetic product for improving wrinkles*5 approved by Japan. The mechanism by which wrinkles were improved was not used anywhere else in the world.*2

Pola discovered the way that skin detects the wrinkles in our expressions produced by irritation from sources like UV rays or everyday activities and mistakes them for injuries, and then goes on to create even more wrinkles.
If only this behavior could be blocked, we could encourage the skin to improve its wrinkles all by itself.
The thing that has made this possible is the quasi-pharmaceutical active ingredient “NEI-L1*3”, a unique ingredient settled on after a search of approximately 5,400 compounds.
This first-of-its-kind discovery led to the introduction of Pola’s Wrinkle Shot.
The mechanism is simply different. In other words, the approach to improving wrinkles is different. 950,000 people*4 already know about it. Won’t you be next?
From Pola, the pioneer in improving wrinkles.

  1. The only wrinkle improvement mechanism in the world: A wrinkle-improving mechanism that balances the break down and production of the dermis, by inhibiting the activation of neutrophil elastase.
  2. The mechanism by which wrinkles were improved was not used anywhere else in the world.: It is the first cosmetic product to be approved in Japan as wrinkle improving product in July 2016.
  3. NEI-L1: Ingredient name - Sodium [[trifluoro-isopropyl-oxopropyl] aminocarbonyl] pyrrolidinyl] carbonyl] -methylpropyl] aminocarbonyl] benzoylamino] acetate
  4. 950,000 people: Sales results from January 1, 2017 to September 30,2019(POLA results)
  5. improving wrinkles: Significance was obtained in the evaluation criteria of the anti-wrinkle product evaluation guidelines for acquisition of new efficacy,
    as determined by the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society.