Using the Skin’s Intrinsic Power to Tackle the Various Causes of Blemishes.
WHITE SHOT Research Takes a Dual Black & White Approach to Whitening

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New Era in Whitening: “Energy Whitening”
Rising Energy of Epidermal Cells is the Key to Whitening.

1. New Focus. Our Approach to Epidermal Cells

The basic role of melanin is to function as a type of daytime umbrella that protects the nuclei in cells.
Epidermal cells that don’t have enough energy store up melanin.
So at POLA, we thought it was necessary to look at the epidermal cells themselves, as an approach to protecting the cell nuclei other than increasing the amount of melanin.

What is Energy Whitening...

When the energy in epidermal cells rises, they are able to protect the cell nuclei on their own without needing to excessively accumulate melanin.

2. An Industry First: PCE-DP*1 Boosts the Energy in Epidermal Cells.

Energy is essentially indispensable for humans to survive.
There are two pathways for energy production, and they are used to generate energy for the skin and body as needed.
PCE-DP activates the hardly-used citric acid cycle in the body’s epidermal cells to maximize their whitening power.

Boosting the Energy in Epidermal Cells for Alluring, Translucent and Beautiful Skin.

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New Common Knowledge. Another Cause Besides Ultraviolet Rays is “Heat Burn.”

1. Overreaction to UV During Hot Weather

The production of melanin in humans is basically regulated by the body, which reduces it at certain times to keep melanin levels in balance.
However, the heat of summer throws this balance into disarray.
Rising temperatures disrupt the melanin production cycle, which causes the body to continuously produce large amounts of melanin.
At POLA, we call this phenomenon an “overreaction to ultraviolet rays (UV) during summer.”

2. Sebum Burn Triggers an Increase in Melanin Production

An increase in sebum production in hot weather causes skin inflammation. We refer to this as “sebum burn.”
Its damage to the skin is about the same as that of ultraviolet ray exposure over many hours.
This increase in sebum diminishes even the self-clear function of cells, and also causes them to accumulate unnecessary amounts of melanin.
So we’ve been researching cell functionality to prevent and soothe sebum burn. Basically, it mitigates the damage caused by hot weather, and inhibits melanin production.

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Eliminating Excessive Melanin:
Self-Clear Function

Melanin is essentially required to protect the nuclei of skin cells.
Once melanin does this, then it is broken down and eliminated by the skin cells.
This is precisely the skin’s “Self-Clear Function.” However, aging and other factors cause this function to diminish over time, and old melanin accumulates in the skin, resulting in blemishes.

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Stimulating Melanocytes to Function as Originally Intended, and to Regulate the Amount of Melanin:
Alive-Clear Function

Melanocytes function within the skin to distribute the right amount of melanin to where it is needed.
Due to stress and aging, however, melanocytes stop functioning as they are supposed to.
As a result, the production of melanin is concentrated in one area, and this causes blemishes to form.
The “Alive-Clear Function” stimulates melanocytes to function as originally intended.
This means melanocytes return to evenly distributing melanin and inhibiting its excessive production, which regulates the amount of melanin in cells and prevents blemishes from occurring.

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Preventing Even the Production of Melanin:
Melanin Lock Function

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it triggers melanocytes to produce large amounts of melanin.
Melanin is produced when the substances tyrosine and tyrosinase, which are produced in melanocytes, join together.
“Melanin Lock Function” uses POLA’s original quasi-drug ingredient Rucinol®*2 to inhibit melanin from even being produced. Rucinol® coalesces with tyrosinase faster than tyrosine does, so it is able to inhibit the production of melanin.

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Evenly Distributing Melanin Between Cells:
Slide-Clear Function

One of the reasons for blemishes and uneven skin tone is actually the uneven distribution of melanin.
The concentration of large amounts of melanin in one area is what causes the appearance of blemishes and uneven skin tone.
“Slide-Clear Function” is an inherent function of the skin, in which melanin is evenly distributed between skin cells.
This function facilitates the even distribution of melanin to prevent the occurrence of blemishes and uneven skin tone.

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  1. Whitening: Inhibits the production of melanin, and prevents spots, freckles, and other blemishes (LX and MX inhibit the accumulation of melanin, and prevent spots, freckles, and other blemishes from occurring)
  2. PCE-DP: Dexpanthenol W
  3. Rucinol®: 4-n-butylresorcinol