WHITE SHOT: Defying Common Wisdom, and Thoroughly Pursuing Whitening

Skin Care

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White Shot Program Kit LX

A set of 5 trial-size White Shot items.

This limited edition kit helps create clear, vibrant skin with a full-size bottle of White Shot LX (lotion) and mini-size testers of MX, CXS, SXS, and RXS.

White Shot LX [Quasi-drug] Full-size 150 ml
White Shot MX [Quasi-drug] 7 g
White Shot CXS [Quasi-drug] 4.2 ml
White Shot SXS [Quasi-drug] 2 g
White Shot RXS [Quasi-drug] 8 g

¥12,100 (incl. tax)

* Available until sold out.


(Sold as: WS LOTION LX)


Smooth milky-white lotion

The velvety texture of this lotion feels rich and silky when applied on the skin.
Contains PCE-DP*1, POLA’s new active ingredient for whitening.

150mL ¥12,100 (incl. tax)


(Sold as: WS MILK MX)


Gel-like milk that melts into your skin

This milk melts into the skin with a dewy and smooth sensation.
Contains PCE-DP*1, POLA’s new active ingredient for whitening.

78 g ¥12,100 (incl. tax)



Cooling and hydrating gel cream

This gel cream will help you to achieve smooth and translucent skin.

50 g ¥13,200 (incl. tax)
Refill ¥12,650 (incl. tax)



Beauty serum that hydrates your entire face

This serum hydrates the entire face to leave your skin feeling and looking completely fresh and clear.

25 mL ¥16,500 (incl. tax)
Refill 25 mL ¥15,400 (incl. tax)
Large refill 50 mL ¥27,500 (incl. tax)
Pump (replacement) ¥1,100 (incl. tax)



A creamy beauty serum that works specifically on areas of concern

This serum permeates deeply to make your entire face glow with truly translucent and beautiful skin.

20 g ¥13,200 (incl. tax)

White Shot QXS

A whitening sheet mask to help your skin achieve radiant translucency.

The whitening sheet mask, infused with a generous amount of lotion, fits closely to your face.
The mini-size sheet masks are perfect for any occasion and need.

Sheet mask [Quasi-drug]
6.0 mL (2 sheets) × 20 packets ¥7,480 (incl. tax)


[Patented Health Food]

Supporting translucent skin from the inside, every day.

This daily supplement contains POLA’s original beauty ingredients.

60 tablets ¥6,696 (incl. tax)
180 tablets ¥17,820 (incl. tax)

Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 6126064”

White Shot Inner Lock Liquid IXS

[Patented Health Food]

Quick reaction to support translucent skin from the inside

This drink contains POLA’s original beauty ingredients.
We suggest drinking one bottle daily.

1 box 30 mL × 10 bottles ¥6,264 (incl. tax)*

Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 5590921”

  1. PCE-DP: Dexpanthenol W

* Whitening: Inhibits the production of melanin, and prevents spots, freckles, and other blemishes (LX and MX inhibit the accumulation of melanin, and prevent spots, freckles, and other blemishes from occurring)
* Blemish: Inhibits the production of melanin
* Dullness: Due to dryness, uneven texture, and so on.

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