“Contract” as a Design Concept
The Handwritten-Style Logo Mark is Proof of the Brand’s Commitment.

We envisioned this logo mark to represent our signature on the contract we have with our customers.
It is our commitment to using the power of science to fulfill the wishes of women to be beautiful.
The WHITE SHOT logo mark embodies the earnest wish we have to realize this wish through the brand.

What Do You Feel When Looking at the “Red Dot”?

The “red dot” symbolizes a “conceptual turning point,” which is also the research concept for the WHITE SHOT package design.
It expresses the evolution of the new and improved WHITE SHOT, based on the latest research findings.
We want this design to provoke various interpretations based on who views it and when, and create a range of images in people’s minds.
So we aimed for a package that will stimulate the senses with this red dot.

(The red dot features in the packages for WHITE SHOT LX, MX, CXS, SXS, RXS, and IXS.)

The Package is Simply an Expression of the Brand Concept

Design Research Laboratory

We believe renewing a product’s design is not only to update its image, but also a chance to reinforce the brand’s concept.
The key point in redesigning the WHITE SHOT package was to simply and powerfully convey the message of “our commitment to whitening.” And you can see this concept expressed in every single detail of the package.
The message is the same throughout every aspect of the package—the texture, graphics, shape, or whatever part you pay attention to. The exact fit of the streamlined containers also embody the brand’s “no waste” sense of functionality.
We hope customers can feel the Shot brand’s concept, even just a little, when they hold the package in their hands.

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  1. Whitening: Inhibits the production of melanin, and prevents spots, freckles, and other blemishes