Changing ways of thinking.
The only skin-brightening mechanism of its kind in the world.*1

The future of skin-brightening research is now beginning.
In 1998, Pola introduced White Shot, a medicinal skin-brightening cosmetic product that contains a combination of Rucinol®*2, the first of its kind in the industry.
This is an evolution that continues today.
The fundamental concept for this product is that of “living*3 skin brightening”, which focuses on power that people have within them.
This has led to a new skin-brightening mechanism that has turned the traditional concept of skin-brightening research on its head.
If we overturn the commons ways of thinking that were known in the past,
we gain the ability to see answers where none could be found before.
All of this is to enhance the power that people have to become more beautiful. At Pola, we want to support the ideas of all women with the dependable strength of science.
This way of thinking is symbolized in a logo mark that uses a contract-and-signature motif.
The skin brightening of the future begins here.
White Shot is the beginning of it all.

  1. The only skin-brightening mechanism of its kind in the world.: A wrinkle-improving mechanism that balances the break down and production of the dermis, by inhibiting the activation of neutrophil elastase.
  2. Rucinol®: 4-n-butylresorcinol
  3. living: Confirmed on human skin