You are someone’s courage.

Science is expanding into new domain.
Positive impressions will rise up.

There are some people who, just by being near us, give us energy.
People who light up everything around them whenever they appear. People who help you think more positively.
This is what we believe at POLA. People resonate with other people. And people help elevate each otherr.
Introducing POLA V RESONATIC CREAM. Science is now expanding into new domain.
A new approach to the skin is here, one with greater depth than ever before.
Bringing greater positivity to both your appearance and your feelings.
You will become someone else’s courage.
Resonate. Glow brilliantly, and beautifully. It all starts with you.

We are watching, intently examining what the cosmetics of the future will be able to accomplish.

What does a “beautiful person” mean to you?
POLA asked women this question.
The answered were received were extremely interesting.
A person who is independent and kind to others.
A person who confidently holds their own opinions, but is also capable of flexibly accepting the opinions of others.
These are definitions of beautiful people that have emerged in our age.
That of being a person who is capable of building better relationships with other people.
If you yourself shine brightly, you create a positive influence on others.
You build rich relationships. Now is the time to discuss new ways of looking at beauty.
The cosmetics of the future will have to deliver new value.
This is what POLA has come to believe. POLA V RESONATIC CREAM is a crystallization of this way of thinking.
This is not just a simple cream.
It’s about design, feel, and fragrance.
It’s about bringing positivity not only to your skin, but to your feelings as well.
Resonating with your surroundings. Being in harmony with them.
We’d love for you to try it, too. It all starts with you.

* Whitening: Inhibits the production of melanin, and prevents spots, freckles, and other blemishes
* Anti-aging care: Skin care using cosmetics suited to your age
* Dullness: Due to dryness, uneven texture, and so on.