* Some of these products are no longer being produced as of December 2018. Please check the product details for further information.


A skin care brand for maintaining healthy skin

Estina Alvita is a skin care brand that will help you maintain healthy skin. It supports women who live positively and authentically every day to tap into their skin’s potential to be glowing with health. Estina Alvita products contain three types of carefully selected natural botanical ingredients*1, and using the Long Keep Moisturizing formula for lasting hydration, these items will help women achieve vibrant skin that is plump with moisture.


Skin care containing natural ingredients commonly known and used in Eastern countries

Polissima is a skin care brand for mature skin. It contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as ginseng extract and squalene. These products are for making your makeup-free mature skin smoother and more hydrated.


Become even more beautiful. A bio-based approach to skin care.

Skin looks at its beautiful best when its cells*2 are healthy. Evangile focuses on the activity of stratum corneum cells, and uses moisturizing skin care containing jojoba oil and squalene to keep skin looking supple, glowing, and hydrated.


Moisturizing skin care with a tangible texture you can feel working.

Excel S.C was launched in September 1975, and it has remained a popular long-selling brand in the over 20 years since then.
These products do more than just moisturize your skin; they have been developed with a focus also on the texture and how they feel on the skin. Excel S.C products are for women of all ages.

  1. Natural botanical ingredients: Moisturizing ingredients
  2. Cells: Stratum corneum