Reboot Your Beauty Instinct.

We live in an age where a correct answer can always be found.
When we live among great diversity, we want to trust ourselves. We want to trust our instincts.
You can reboot*3 your instincts.
Red B.A proves the importance of this concept through science.
Our skin displays its instincts even among changes, and lives with strength.
However, if the skin is subjected to too many changes, it falls into a frozen*2 state to protect itself against stress*1.
This prevents the skin from reaching its true potential.
And if this vicious cycle continues, it can accelerate aging.
Red B.A focuses on the true life force of humanity by persevering through changes.
We have arrived at our unique Reboot Bioactive Theory, which seeks to soften and revitalize skin that has become frozen and tense.
Awaken your beauty potential, and reboot for a fresh start.
If you just get started, you’ll make progress. The goal will draw ever closer.

The aging care for those with a vision.

  1. Stress: Dryness, ultraviolet rays, and various other external factors.
  2. Frozen: POLA discovered and named the condition when stress causes the stratum corneum to become frozen.
  3. Reboot: Renewal of Red B.A

* Anti-aging care: Skin care using cosmetics suited to your age