A Moisturizing Brand for Mature Women

The moisturizing brand Moistissimo focuses on protecting the skin from dryness and external stimuli. Use it for soft, supple, and moisturized skin.

Moistissimo skin care completely covers the skin in a veil of moisture, and protects easily irritated skin from becoming tight, dry, and rough.
Moistissimo makeup keeps the skin moisturized even in the drier seasons, and creates a healthy and glowing peach-colored complexion.

Skin Care

We use a triple action stratum corneum approach to keep skin hydrated.
Caring for the stratum corneum will retain moisture and maintain the skin’s barrier function to protect it from dryness and external stimuli.


Moistissimo uses ingredients that focus on disruption to the stratum corneum as the cause of dryness.
The products contain cherry blossom and coptis japonica extracts as moisturizing ingredients specifically for the stratum corneum.
Moistissimo skin care fills the stratum corneum with moisture, and smoothens the skin’s texture.

Moisture defines the stratum corneum’s condition

The stratum corneum, which is only around 0.02 mm thick, sits on the skin’s outermost layer. It has the important role of protecting the skin’s inner layers from ultraviolet rays and dryness, while also retaining moisture. A rough and irritated stratum corneum is susceptible to external stimuli, and this leads to moisture gradually escaping from it regardless of how much moisturizing product you apply.

Safe and reassuring design

Another distinctive feature of Moistissimo is its gentle-on-the-skin design.
POLA has developed an effective formula based on many years of researching the effects of moisturizing, and carefully selecting ingredients that are both safe and hydrating.

Base Makeup

Skin Care Effect

Moistissimo base makeup products contain the Dry Skin Sensor*1 Veil and Sensor Highlight Peach Powder to help keep the skin hydrated during autumn and winter, when it is prone to dryness and dullness.

Dry Skin Sensor Veil: A powder that wraps the skin in lamella, which is a structure similar to the intercellular lipid in the stratum corneum.


Sensor Highlight Peach Powder: A powder that reflects warm-colored light, and collects and directs light to higher areas on the face.

This powder highlights these higher sections of the face by giving them a lustrous glow, while also creating a hydrated and natural-looking finish.
It also reflects warm-colored light to create a peachy-colored and healthy-looking complexion.
Use Moistissimo base makeup for a vibrant and bright complexion, even during autumn and winter when the skin tends to look dull.

Product Lineup

Skin Care


Low stimulus type*2

A smooth-textured and makeup-removing cleansing cream, which transforms into an oil on the skin.

Moistissimo Cleansing Cream is a smooth-textured cleansing cream that transforms into an oil when applied to the skin, and thoroughly removes makeup and other dirt from it. It keeps your skin moisturized, while cleansing makeup and other dirt from it. Moistissimo Cleansing Cream cleanses your skin, and leaves it feeling intensely hydrated and soft.

120 g ¥3,850 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A facial wash that gentle cleanses the skin with a fine and springy-textured foam.

Moistissimo Wash easily lathers into a creamy, springy, and rich foam that gently cleanses dirt and other impurities. It leaves your cleansed skin feeling moisturized, supple, and soft.

120 g ¥3,300 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A springy and rich-textured moisturizing lotion. For soft and supple skin.

Moistissimo Lotion is for skin that feels dry and tight. The moisturizing ingredients penetrate throughout the stratum corneum, hydrating the skin and leaving it feeling tangibly soft and supple.

125 ml ¥4,950 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A smooth-textured and rich moisture-retaining milk

The smooth-textured Moistissimo Milk spreads thickly over the skin for long-lasting hydration. It leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and moisturized.

95 ml ¥5,500 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A gel-like cream that envelops the skin in moisture. Contains moisturizing ingredients for soft, supple, and springy skin.

Moistissimo Cream is for skin that feels dry. This gel-like cream envelops the skin in moisture. It contains moisturizing ingredients for soft and supple skin that seems to spring back from the inside.

30 g ¥7,700 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A sheet mask to make skin soft and supple, and prevent it from becoming rough due to dryness.

The Moistissimo Deep Essence Mask delivers moisture to the stratum corneum and maintains its barrier function to protect the skin from dryness and external stimuli, while also keeping the skin moisturized. Use this sheet mask for soft and supple skin.

1 sheet (34 ml) × 6 packets ¥7,150 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

For women concerned about dry skin. A two-week trial set of Moistissimo moisturizing skin care.

Moistissimo skin care focuses on the stratum corneum as the cause of dryness. The products moisturize the stratum corneum, hydrating the skin and leaving it feeling tangibly soft and supple. This trial set features around two-week’s worth of the full lineup of Moistissimo products, from cleansing items to creams.

¥3,520 (incl. tax)



SPF20/PA++, Low stimulus type

Hydrates and covers trouble areas. A control color and moisturizing base makeup.

This four-in-one make up product covers patchy skin tone, unevenness and other skin concerns, while also functioning as a makeup base, makeup finisher, daytime moisturizer, and UV block. This creamy and moisturizing serum will give your skin a dewy glow.

Available in 2 shades 30 g ¥4,180 (incl. tax) each


SPF20/PA++, Low stimulus type

A smooth and powdery foundation with moisturizing ingredients, which blends quickly and easily, even into dry skin.

The smooth Moistissimo Powder Foundation contains cushioning oils, which blends quickly and easily into the skin. It uses the Dry Skin Sensor*1 Veil to protect the skin against dryness and roughness, and create a long-lasting makeup finish with a peachy-colored dewy glow.

Refill Available in 6 shades (with puff) 14.5 g ¥4,400 (incl. tax) each
Case sold separately ¥1,100 (incl. tax)


SPF20/PA++, Low stimulus type

A touch-up pressed powder that makes your makeup last, and creates a soft and dewy finish.

The smooth-textured Moistissimo Pressed Powder evens out the skin’s texture and covers its pores, for a soft and dewy finish. The pink-toned layer covers dullness, giving your skin a natural and healthy-looking complexion.

Refill (with puff) 14.5 g ¥3,300 (incl. tax)
Case sold separately ¥1,100 (incl. tax)

  1. Dry Skin Sensor: Works according to dryness in the outside air
  2. Low stimulus type: (Patch test done on people with sensitive skin. This does not guarantee that all users will not have an allergic reaction.)