A men’s skin care series from POLA’s top brand B.A

B.A MEN is a skin care brand for men. It uses the All Area Bioactive Theory for men who are concerned about changes in their skin. We have also developed the Men’s Nano Route capsules for use in this series, to care for the easily permeable stratum corneum. The B.A MEN brand is for the discerning man who understands superior quality when it comes to texture, aroma, and design.


Skin and hair care for mature men.

The Galantom II series incorporates a skin care approach into the items men use daily. The extensive lineup of products includes shaving foam, lotion, milk, and hair styling items.
This brand is designed to delight the mature man down to the finest details, including featuring materials used in the instrument panels of cars in the product’s packaging.


A skin care series that focuses on the body scent and skin changes unique to men

Mergence focuses on the changes men experience in their body scent and skin. It is the first cosmetics brand for men in the world that uses the functional fragrance “Neutral” to control any noticeable body scent. The Mergence skin care series will help men look and feel younger and refreshingly clean.