Drawing on Eastern Concepts to Balance the Body

KENBISANSEN is a health food that draws on Eastern concepts to pursue healthy beauty, which polishes the mind and body that creates its foundation.


The ingredient Cynomorium extract is included in all products.

Cynomorium is a hardy plant that grows in the desert. It has been used in Chinese folk medicine since ancient times, and historically has been highly prized. It is said to be highly nutritious, but is scarcely available in Japan. We started out by securing distribution channels to acquire the ingredient for these products. POLA has put much focus on extracting conditions in order to extract as much of the active ingredients as possible. This POLA original extract, manufactured by POLA's unique methods, can be found in all of the KENBISANSEN products.

Product Lineup


[Patented Health Food]

Supports your every day vitality and energy

It is a health food product that includes POLA’s original Cynomorium extract, along with royal jelly containing “Royalactin®”, the protein discovered by POLA, Albizia bark extract and red ginseng extract.

60 tablets ¥8,856 (incl. tax)*
180 tablets ¥22,680 (incl. tax)*

Patent related to compounding ingredients (Patent No. 5288832)


[Patented Health Food]

Supports a healthy everyday life by regulating circulation

A health food containing the POLA original Cynomorium extract, along with Spatholobus suberectus extract, Zedoary Rhizome powder, Ginkgo biloba extract, ginger extract, hawthorn berry extract, Longan extract, heme iron and folic acid.

60 tablets ¥6,264 (incl. tax)*
180 tablets ¥15,984 (incl. tax)*

Patent related to compounding ingredients (Patent No. 5688233)


[Patented Health Food]

Prevents sluggish circulation during daily life

A health food that includes the original POLA ingredient Cynomorium extract along with Ganoderma lucidum extract, clove powder, green tea extract, turmeric extract, and corn silk extract.

60 tablets ¥7,020 (incl. tax)*
180 tablets ¥18,360 (incl. tax)*

Patent related to compounding ingredients (Patent No. 5466842)


30 packets (approximately 30 days’ worth of product), each containing a total of six tablets (two tablets of three types of KENBISANSEN) to take with you on the go.

Six tablets (two tablets each of VITAL BASE, CIRCULINK BASE, SHIELD BASE) x 30 packets

¥20,412 (incl. tax)*


A convenient value set containing 180 tablets each of the three types of KENBISANSEN (approximately 90 days’ worth of product), for continued intake.

VITAL BASE 180 tablets
CIRCULINK BASE 180 tablets
SHIELD BASE 180 tablets

¥52,704 (incl. tax)*


[Food with nutrient function claims (Iron/Vitamin B1/Vitamin B2)]

Supporting busy lifestyles of modern people.

A health drink containing POLA's original Cynomorium extract and other ingredients such as apocynum venetum leaf extract, for a refreshing flavor without the bitter taste often found in traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.

50mL x 5 bottles ¥4,860 (incl. tax)*

  • Food and drink products are applicable for reduced tax rate.