Bright Link

[Functional Nutritional Food (VA, VC, Biotin)] [Patented Health Food]

Functional nutritional food that helps make your everyday life clear, bright, and impressive

Bright Link contains a good balance of safflower extract, rice-derived polyamines*1, EZ3 Bright Extract (POLA’s original ingredient containing red-purple chrysanthemum), elderberry extract, and cassis extract. For a vibrant and vivid life.

Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 4873904”


[Functional Nutritional Food (VB1, VB2, VB6)] [Patented Health Food]

Supporting a toned body from the inside

Rise Curve Tablet is a functional nutritional food and supplement that contains POLA’s original ingredient BRP Triple Extract and VB1, VB2, VB6, to help you achieve a supple and beautiful body. It will help live a more fulfilling and beauty-filled life, just like a rising curve.

Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 4922550”


[Functional Nutritional Food (Folic acid, VB6, VB1)] [Patented Health Food]

For a warm and healthy body from the inside, every day

Onbikatsu contains Fermented Red Ginger Extract and other POLA original extracts from Japanese and Chinese plants. This health food will help you live a life filled with warmth, health, and beautiful.

Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 4637447”


[Functional Nutritional Food (Calcium)] [Patented Health Food]

Activest Double Calcium & Glucosamine is a functional nutritional food that will help you to remain active, full of youthful energy, supple, and feeling good every day.

It supplements the calcium that people tend to lack with two types of calcium—Yonaguni fossilized coral calcium, and seaweed calcium. It also contains a well balanced blend of Hokkaido giant knotweed, glucosamine, and chondroitin, to help you live an active life.

Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 5303697”

Granulated powder


[Functional Nutritional Food (VB1, VB2, VE)] [Patented Health Food]

POLA’s original vitamin C helps you to achieve more translucent-looking skin

It contains vitamin C, which remains in the body for a long period. The herbal citrus flavor has a refreshing and slightly sour taste. The granulated powder easily dissolves in your mouth without any water, so you can consume Lipo-Type C anytime and anywhere.

Recommended Dosage
We suggest taking one packet daily, as a beauty health food.

2.3 g × 30 packets ¥5,076 (incl. tax)
2.3 g × 90 packets ¥13,500 (incl. tax)
Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 5288832”


Focusing on food absorption For women who are worried about sugar and fat intake

Beauty Style Mega Cut helps busy women of today to maintain a healthy diet by easily controlling their calorie intake.
This granulated powder has a fresh rosehip flavor, and a foaming taste sensation.


[Functional Nutritional Food (Iron)] [Patented Health Food]

A beauty supplement for vitality every day

POLA’s original ingredient Seractive Collagen supports your beauty from the inside, using collagen rich in the amino acids that form collagen fibers to give you more vitality. It also contains a well balanced blend of elastin, hyaluronic acid, iron which is especially deficient in women, and plant placentas to help you create a beauty that radiates from within.

Contains the patented ingredient “Patent number 4360986”



A beauty drink that supports your skin from within for days full of vibrancy and moisture

POLA’s original ingredient “Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract Q” is based on extracts drawn from the super-fruit "Sea buckthorn," with a balanced blend of 5 plant extracts in total. Additionally, the balanced formulation supports your beauty with plant placenta, as well as iron and hyaluronic acid, which women tend to have a deficiency of.
Supporting you with daily moisture.


[Functional Nutritional Food (Iron, VB1, VB2)]

A quick-acting and sustaining power drink. For a vitality-filled day, every day.

Contains POLA’s original Red Ginseng Gold Extract (1,000 mg), as well as fresh maca extract for sustained vitality, ginger extract for energy, turmeric extract, and iron and B-group vitamins that women tend to be deficient in. ACTIVE POWER KIBIJIN GOLD helps you to be at your active and energetic best, every day. Each bottle of this caffeine-free drink contains only 26 kcal.

50 ml × 10 bottles ¥4,860 (incl. tax)
Economy pack: 3 boxes of 50 ml × 10 bottles ¥12,960 (incl. tax)

  1. Rice-derived polyamines: Substance in rice germ extract