Within the Many Colors, There Is Science.

The items in the Diem Couleur range are composed of a multitude of colors.
And underlying them is the engineering of colors.
Layering the colors creates translucent skin with depth.
This is precisely the Diem Couleur Color Trick.
It uses the power of the colors to bring out the skin’s natural beauty.

New Discovery.
The glow of beautiful bare skin is actually the colorful tones created with just the right amount of luminance dispersion.

Color-Blend Trick That Focuses on the Effect of Colors

Since discovering that beautiful bare skin is made up of colorful hues, we have been focusing on the effect of colors and how they can be used to balance the various shades in the skin’s natural tone.
The Color Blend Foundation creates translucent skin with depth using a pointillist painting style to apply the advancing colors of pink and yellow, and the retreating colors of brown and green.

We have applied this pointillist style and various other techniques used in painting to the application of makeup.

Pointillist painting effect: Creates a luminescent translucency

Glaze method of oil painting: Gives a superior sheen of the oil

Effect of advancing and retreating colors: Creates a sense of depth

Color harmony effect: Uses various colors to correct skin issues

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