A shimmering aurora is like the diversity in each of us.

Just as our skin is made of many different colors, each person possesses a wide variety of attractive elements.
There is no one way of "being yourself." The [Aurora Textile], which has been created in original colors this time, symbolizes this spirit of the brand. The colors change according to the angles of the textile and light, symbolizing the diversity in all of us that changes by the day.

Textile design by YUKI FUJISAWA

A textile label that focuses on releasing one-of-a-kind art pieces that raise fashion with new values by incorporating foil and dye procedures into vintage materials, instead of simply remaking vintage garments. The [Aurora Textile] is one of the signature pieces.

No two beiges are the same.

A packaging design that emits a sense of intelligence and femininity. Discover the "diversity in each of us" here as well.
The shade of beige differs between each item. It accentuates the variety of colors when opened, blends into your lifestyle, and evokes a sense of artistry.

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