Supporting the Lifestyle of Women, in Every Way.

At POLA, we take a holistic approach (skin, mind, body) to health and beauty, so we have also been focusing on beauty items other than cosmetics.
These beauty devices, bedding, innerwear, and other daily use items are designed to support all aspects of a woman’s lifestyle.

Leading Beauty Life Items

Small Beauty Items

These finest-quality tools will help you become even more beautiful. POLA can confidently offer these high-quality, small beauty items to our customers, including Kumano makeup brushes that will set your makeup without any special technique required, and simple nail care items for glossy and healthy nails.

Hair Care

Almost all women feel a little happier when their hairstyle looks good. This POLA beauty item will help make your hair glossier and mood brighter with every use.

Oral Care

Part quasi-drug and other cosmetics

POLA offers a range of products for healthy teeth and gums, including oral care products featuring the active ingredient “split polyphosphoric acid”*1 and even toothbrushes that reach into every corner of your mouth for deep clean. Use these products for your daily oral care and a dazzling smile.

Hydrogen Water Purifier

[Medical Device]

For your everlasting health and beauty
We are now in a time where households are making the clean water they want, rather than buying it.
POLA offers its customers the latest in health care, in which changing the water you drink will change your future.


Improving the quality of your sleep will affect your ability to remain youthful-looking and beautiful.
POLA’s bedding is designed to create a stress-free roll over style and sleeping posture, to induce deeper and better quality sleep.


POLA’s innerwear prioritizes softness on the skin for the items that you wear next to your skin every day.
We offer a range of comfortable innerwear for each season, featuring carefully selected materials and easy-to-wear designs.


This is a POLA fashion brand. DEUXART is a collaboration between POLA and the world famous leading designer Eiichiro Nakai, who is also an experienced pattern cutter. We offer our customers mode fashion with the DEUXART brand.

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  1. Split polyphosphoric acid: Sodium polyphosphate