The BIOACTIVE THEORY breathes through every drop.

There is a true beauty that does not come forward unless the power of the skin is drawn out as much as possible.
This unwavering way of thinking forms the basis of the Bioactive Theory, the quintessential meaning behind B.A.
One of the factors contributing to the birth of the skin is versican.
Focusing on the mechanism by which skin is first created, the Bioactive Theory takes us to the next dimension.
In the future, Pola will incorporate the latest theories from its life sciences research as it aims for true beauty from which the beauty of life can be felt."



An exquisite, smooth-textured cleanser that melts into the skin.

Once applied to your skin, this smooth-textured cleanser melts into it like a beauty oil.
Deeply cleanses even hard-to-remove dirt such as waterproof makeup.
Keeps your skin moisturized, while giving it a natural glow.

130 g ¥11,000 (incl. tax)


A rich-textured wash, which luxuriously envelops your skin in a generous lather of bubbles.

A luxuriant lather of rich bubbles covers your skin like a mask, drawing out dirt and impurities.
Thoroughly cleanses your skin, and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft.

100 g ¥11,000 (incl. tax)


Professional massage for skin that bursts with suppleness.

A rich-textured emulsion that contours to your skin for a luxurious massage. For supple and elastic skin, with refined facial expressions.

90 g ¥13,200 (incl. tax)


A rich lotion that gives your skin a superior suppleness.

Each drop of this rich lotion infuses deeply into your skin, leaving it smooth and plump with moisture.

120 ml ¥22,000 (incl. tax)
Refill 120 ml ¥20,900 (incl. tax)


A soft-textured milk for supple, toned, and firm skin.

The oil smoothly slides over the skin, gently and gradually penetrating deep into the skin.*1
For fully hydrated skin that is supple, toned, and firm.

80 ml ¥22,000 (incl. tax)
Refill 80 ml ¥20,900 (incl. tax)


A springy-textured cream*3 that firms and lifts the eyes, creating a 3D effect*2.

A dense and rich cream that moisturizes, firms, and lifts the skin around the eyes.
Uses a completely new level of intense moisturizing, to achieve firmness and a 3D effect that makes the eyes stand out.

26 g ¥19,800 (incl. tax)


Superb cream*4 for maintaining highly supple and elastic skin.

A rich and dense cream that smoothly and deeply penetrates into your skin.
For skin with long-lasting springy suppleness and elasticity.

30 g ¥35,200 (incl. tax)
Refill 30 g ¥33,000 (incl. tax)

NEW On Sale March 2, 2020


Day Cream / Sunscreen

Live together with the sun once more.
Don’t just block light, select it. An innovative cream for day time use

Aims to create firm skin with elasticity by protecting the skin against UV and near-infrared rays while allowing skin-friendly "red light" to penetrate.

45 g ¥12,100 (incl. tax)


A serum that envelops your lips, creating a 3D effect.

Feel the sensation of your delicate lip area being gently enveloped in a rich and moisturizing film.
For hydrated and supple 3D effect lips, with depth and impact.

3.6 g ¥7,480 (incl. tax)

On Sale November 1, 2019

B.A Grandluxe III


Changing curiosity into beauty with ideas from brain science.
POLA’s premium brand has arrived at this approach to anti-aging care.

This one bottle contains the beauty ingredients that POLA is known for.
Adding Rucinol®*7, the active ingredient for whitening in the White Shot brand, to the Golden LP*6 featured in B.A Skin Care.
The formula is designed to give your skin resilience and elasticity so you feel the skin springing back from the inside when you touch it.

50 g ¥79,200 (incl. tax)
Refill 50 g ¥75,900 (incl. tax)


A moisturizing serum for smooth and superbly supple skin.

This luxuriously dense serum sinks smoothly into your skin.
For supple and moist skin, which looks hydrated and fresh.

40 ml ¥14,850 (incl. tax)
Refill 40 ml ¥14,300 (incl. tax)



A serum for glowing skin filled with luster, and radiating with resilience.

This luxuriously dense serum infuses deep into your skin. Experience skin with a springy resilience, and a soft glow. For lustrous skin filled with vitality.

40 ml ¥22,000 (incl. tax)
Refill 40 ml ¥20,900 (incl. tax)



An industry first: A press-in mask with a rich lather of bubbles.

This press-in mask completely covers the skin, and seals in the ingredients in a rich later of bubbles. It also fits snugly around the eyes and mouth. For skin brimming with resilience.

60 g ¥22,000 (incl. tax)


A micro foam mask for addressing the “sweat-induced slack” during summer.

Continual sweating in summer reduces the skin’s resilience.
This mask firms and tones the skin during the day, protecting it from the “sweat-induced slack” that occurs especially in summer.

60 g ¥16,500 (incl. tax)

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  1. deep into the skin: Through to the stratum corneum
  2. 3D effect: Moisturized skin that is supple, and has depth and impact.
  3. A springy-textured cream: Cream with a springy texture.
  4. Superb cream: Cream with superb texture.
  5. Skin: Stratum corneum
  6. Golden LP: Hydrolyzed silk
  7. Rucinol ®: Active ingredient for whitening, 4-n-butylresorcinol
  8. Lustrous moisture with depth: Skin that appears lustrous and with depth, due to the effects of moisturizing.