Making Cosmetics a Work of Art
B.A Package Design

Going beyond cosmetics to continue stimulating the sense of women.
This desire is infused in the package design for all B.A products.
We have focused on art in every aspect of the package, while also the product’s underlying science and beliefs.
For instance, let’s look at the B.A Lotion package. It uses a contrast of straight and curved lines to elegantly express the many facets of a woman’s beauty.
Then there is the B.A Base Makeup package, which has an image on one side that depicts the delicate and dynamic way in which people move.
And the B.A Colors package intuits a new style of stimulus, with its colors that change according to the angle they are viewed from.
Feel the art with your hands, and also with your heart.
So please, enjoy every individual example of beauty you encounter.

Artist Collaboration

Makoto Azuma × Live Energy

We collaborated with the Japanese flower artist Makoto Azuma on the artwork for B.A.
We used the powerful life force and energy of plants to express the living beauty we are aspiring to with the B.A brand.
Bare plant bulbs, opening buds, luscious leaves, blooming flowers, and blossoms that are starting to decay. We’ve used this cosmos of flowers and plants to depict the way a woman beautifully evolves and transforms herself over time, with a powerful sense of realism and artistic tension.

Ayami Nishimura × Color Direction

We have teamed up with the New York-based international and top-class Japanese make up artist and B.A Colors art director, Ayami Nishimura. Ayami Nishimura’s bold and intricate artwork explores the possibilities of the individual, and together we have created a truly unique and fresh approach to “point makeup” that focuses on one section of the face. We hope you will enjoy our new range of impressive and exceptionally creative colors.

Workshop Events

Roppongi Hills Event

We held an event at Roppongi Hills for people to experience the living beauty that the B.A brand aspires to.
Many customers were able to experience the B.A brand in a world that fused Makoto Azuma’s artworks with digital contents.

Flower Stall

“What is true beauty?” We also created “The Flower Stall” art installation, which was a mobile flower stand created by Makoto Azuma. We set up this installation on the streets of Tokyo at night to convey the B.A brand’s message.

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