Penetrating and stirring the soul

The moment when life blossoms, decays, and life begins anew.
A work of art that layers different stages of life to emphasize the intrinsic nature of invisible beauty. Each product has a different look,
the product design kindles the viewer’s imagination, opening up the possibilities beyond the boundary of the senses.

Flowers of Anima

We employed X-ray techniques to capture the essence of vital-beauty, not mere superficial beauty. We cast a spotlight on the invisible beauty of life, such as leaf veins sucking up water, sprouts waiting to grow, and fruits that nurture the next generation. The moment when plants enjoy the glory of their lives and the moment plants are beginning to bud are intrinsically emphasized and shown.

Makoto Azuma
Flower Artist

Profile / Born in 1976. Makoto Azuma is president of the Flowering Tree Research Institute “AMKK.”
Established a haute couture flower shop in Minami Aoyama. Active in Japan and in New York, Paris, Germany, and other countries since 2005. By expressing the entrancing forms unique to flowers and plants at an aesthetic level, he continues to enhance the value of plants through his work.

Beyond the Sense
For moments when you can feel the expansion of possibilities beyond the limits of your senses.

“The joy of new discovery” and the “comforting feeling when imagination takes flight” are depicted through the lively modeling. Each product is given a different look depending on how it is displayed. “Limitless possibilities hidden within” are incorporated into the “black” which contains all the colors.

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