Discoveries make the world more beautiful.

B.A believes in the power of women.
It seeks to draw out this power, overflowing from within, to the greatest extent possible.
Only by doing so can women achieve their true beauty.

POLA presents its Bioactive Theory, which clarifies the strengths of the many individual cells that live within the skin.*1
POLA is evolving beauty at all times, incorporating the cutting-edge results of its life sciences research, always moving forward. And then further still.

It’s not only skincare, but also makeup that frees the emotions and brings one into contact with an attraction previously unknown.
A beautiful feeling of presence that overflows from the entire body.

Continuous evolution, without stopping.
Harnessing stimuli to create a powerful surge.
POLA wants to walk alongside women like this.
The things that B.A makes more beautiful are not limited to the skin.
That’s right—it will affect your way of life as well.

  1. skin:stratum corneum