Big Data on Skin Will Create the Skin Care of the Future.

The APEX brand has continued to evolve since it originated in 1989.
POLA currently has over 18 million* data on skin, which is unmatched in any company or research laboratory throughout the world.
We are also conducting even more detailed research on the climate and skin, such as segmenting ultraviolet rays into 152 areas and Micro Dust® into 613 places nationwide, and presenting customers with cosmetics tailored to a particular region.
APEX is truly a unique brand that originates from a country such as Japan, with its distinct four seasons and long land that stretches far from south to north.
Yet we will not rest on our laurels, but continue moving forward with this brand.
POLA researchers will keep tenaciously tackling even the smallest problems and questions, and POLA Beauty Directors will continue to sincerely serve our customers. This is how APEX will evolve even further.


Start of APEX-i. First time personalized skin care is offered at POLA.


Start of predicting the progression of wrinkle formation as a customer ages, and how to address this skin concern.
Expansion of the anti-aging care area.


Start of offering solutions for the formation of blemishes as a customer ages.
Introduction of melanin and skin sensitivity analysis.


Further development of acne analysis, and the start of offering solutions for the skin concerns of women living in a stressful society.
Introduction of acne skin care analysis. Further development of stratum corneum analysis.


Further development of counseling for customers using even more detailed analysis of the skin’s current condition and its future potential.


Start of the world’s first “Full Skin Analysis®.” Start of dermal analysis, and predicting the skin being “prone to aging” in the future.

Beautiful Skin Forecast: Learning From the Weather for Beautiful Skin.

Each individual’s skin is unique. APEX has clarified this through research from various angles, which showed that the specific climate and different lifestyle habits of each region in Japan have an effect on the skin.
The Beautiful Skin Forecast is one of our new beauty proposals based on this fact. It is like a weather forecast for your skin.
We have partnered with the Japan Weather Association, and using the weather forecast for each region, we are presenting our customers with ways they can care for their skin in advance. In addition to detailed information on how to care for your skin, we also offer advice on lifestyle habits and diet to ensure your skin looks and feels beautiful.

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The Highlights of POLA’s Eight Years of Studying Japanese Women’s Skin.

Although the prefectures in Japan are located quite close together, each one has its own unique climate, lifestyle habits, and even diet. This also means the way to care for your skin changes in each prefecture.
Discover the skin trends among Japanese women that POLA identified through the Bihada-Ken Grand Prix and the skin care recommended for women in each prefecture.
POLA hopes that this compilation of Bihada-Ken Grand Prix highlights will help promote interest in how the environment affects your skin and the perfect skin care for you.

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  • As of January 2019

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