APEX Skin Planning: Designing the Future for Each Individual

APEX will help you achieve “skin that is uniquely you” now, and in the future.
“Skin that is uniquely you” means skin that enhances its future potential to be beautiful, and brings out the strengths it has now.
With APEX, we use our original skin planning process to achieve “skin that is uniquely you.”
Let’s aim for the future together, with the three-step spiral of “planning,” “practicing,” and “updating.”

Step 1: Planning

1. Profiling (Gathering Information)

In order to create a plan for “skin that is uniquely you” and recommend an optimal skin care routine, first we need to “know about you.”
In APEX skin planning, we use a special POLA store tablet terminal to get a good understanding about your unique features, actions, and circumstances from the three aspects of Skin (skin-related concerns), Life (lifestyle habits and physical condition), and Mind (perspectives and preferences).

2. Analyzing

We use still image and video image data on the skin to scientifically and objectively analyze it.

During Condition Analysis, we use photographed images of the skin’s surface to analyze its current condition and how it could easily appear in the near future.
Then in Potential Analysis, we use video images of the skin during facial movements to analyze the strengths to boost from hereon, in order to keep your skin in good condition five and ten years from now.

Click here for details on APEX Analyzing Technology

3. Skin Care Selection (Items, Esthetic Treatments)

This is when we use the results from the Analyzing process to determine the starting point for your skin care routine.
* You can also select both items and esthetic treatments.


Fitting (Modification)

During the fitting process, we take your Skin Profiling information and Analyzing results and use them for the “Fitting” of both a skin care routine and the items used. Through these two stages, we create a skin care plan for you to start now, based on your ideal skin (how you’d like your skin to be and preferred skin care) and current habits.
We are able to provide our customers with 8.62 million skin care recommendations at the Fitting session.

Click here for details on APEX Fitting

Selecting a Lineup of Items

This is when we select a lineup of items just for you.
We discuss and design with you a selection of items from the APEX line, which will help you achieve “skin that is uniquely you.”

Click here for details on the APEX Product Lineup

Esthetic Treatments

Treatment Fitting

We use your Skin Profiling information and skin analysis (Analyzing) results to recommend a personalized esthetic treatment for you, from among 15,624 possible combinations.

Click here for esthetic treatment list

Trial Esthetic Treatment

Try it right now, right here.
You can trial a special personalized esthetic treatment derived from your Analyzing results.

Esthetic Treatment Steps

Step 2 Practicing the Plan

The APEX Skin Log in the POLA official application contains helpful tools to use when you actually practice your personalized skin care plan.
Please use these tools to make your at-home skin care routine more enjoyable and effective, and to create a plan that will bring you closer to achieving even more beautiful skin in the future.

Click here to download the application

* You can also search the app by “POLA application” at the iOS and Android application stores.

Click here for details on the APEX Application functions

Step 3 Update Your Plan

We regularly check your skin’s condition, and how your skin care routine is affecting it.
We update your plan by revising the selected items according to changes in the seasons, environment, and your physical condition and skin, as well as taking into consideration other aspects such as your habits and preferences.

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  1. Contains a blend of natural fragrances: Used in part of the fragrance
  2. Stiff spots: Areas on the face that feel quite stiff
  3. Core Beauty: Aiming for true beauty