During the Fitting process, we use your Skin Profiling information and Analyzing (skin analysis) results, and create a plan for your ideal skin (how you’d like your skin to be and preferred skin care) now, and in the future.
1. Skin Care Fitting: We also take into account the region and environment where you live, and consider what kind of skin care to focus on and when.
2. Item Fitting: We discuss and determine with you the preferred feel, texture, and color of the skin care items to use.
We are able to provide our customers with 8.62 million skin care recommendations at the Fitting session.

Skin Care Fitting

Planning Using Skin Analysis Results

Each APEX skin care plan is designed based on your individual skin analysis results, while also taking into consideration your usual skin care routine, weather information on where you live, and other relevant data.
Using data on your skin type and score, we then look at the skin care you should be prioritizing as the first step toward achieving your ideal skin.

Analysis Results Screen

Item Fitting

Two-step Process to Determine the Skin Care Items for You

Step 1: Base Fitting (Refining the Formula and Framework)
The POLA Beauty Director will recommend a total of seven items using samples of the full range of 39 items currently available. This is when you can request modifications in the texture, feel, color and other aspects of the products, and custom design items that suit you.

Step 2: Detailed Fitting (Specific Selection)
The POLA Beauty Director will discuss and determine with you the finer details of the aspects (blend ingredients, moisture balance, etc.) identified in the base fitting, to further personalize the skin care items.

APEX Product Lineup

We offer a simple lineup of items that will help you achieve “skin that is uniquely you.”
Each item in the APEX lineup has its own function in your skin care routine, represented by the product’s personalized design code.

Click here for details on the APEX Product Lineup

Design Code

A 3-to-5 digit number that indicates the product’s features (texture, ingredients, etc.)
The leftmost digit indicates the item’s order of use (e.g. Cleansing 1XX, Fluid 3XXXX, etc.), and the other digits are combination of different numbers based on the skin analysis results and modifications made during the skin care item fitting.

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