I want to live as my best.

What should we choose? That is, how should we live?
Every one of your choices designs your life.
And our world is overflowing with choices.
It’s extremely hard to always make the right, objective choices.
Even so, from those many choices, you want to pick what’s best for you.
This is our strong hope for all women.
Pola Apex offers a completely new “way to create the future”.*1
Its purpose is to allow you to guarantee that the feature you envision is your reality.
Science and Big Data sensors can help with some things, but for the things that they can’t help with, Pola is by your side as a coach as well, offering a wide variety of personalized services.
This isn’t something that’s forced; rather, it’s about respecting oneself.
With thinking that is reinventing skincare.
We’re starting from the skin, to help you reach your highest potential, a version of you that you didn’t know existed.

  1. Designing