Each Person Is Different, Every Time: Personalized Design for a Once-Only Encounter

Designing APEX.
We approached it not just as a product design, but also as a design of the product experience itself.
The design concept for APEX is a “Sense of Wonder.”
With APEX, we want to keep playfully stimulating an intellectual curiosity in our customers, which will make them notice changes in their sensations and enrich their senses.

We focused on the two motifs of “numbers” and “the universe” for the package design.

Numbers are familiar symbols to everyone. The numerical icons we have developed and used in APEX so far are a major design asset that symbolizes the brand’s science and personalized approach to skin care; so we have continued using numbers in this design.

Then there is “the universe” motif. APEX has always been a brand that values the connection we have with our surroundings, with the skin at its core.
The skin is constantly being affected by all sorts of things in our surroundings.
However, our connection is not with these things; it is our existence in the universe—with the growth of plants and the movements of the sun.
So using “the universe” as a visual motif aptly expresses a brand such as APEX, which has continued looking closely at the skin.

For this design, we will use unique visuals that change for each product presented to customers.
Owning a design personalized for each customer is truly a once-only encounter.
We hope you will notice something new each time you experience APEX.
Our wish for this is embodied in the package design.

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