A beauty indicator for the future.
We call it SKIN VITAL.

POLA’s fundamental way of thinking about beauty is at the cellular level. Beginning in 1980, POLA has been engaged in beauty-oriented cell research, and has communicated a unique theory.
We wanted to draw out the true power of the skin to become more beautiful.
With this in mind, the answer we arrived it is SKIN VITAL.
We quantified the skin’s inherent power to become more beautiful, an entirely new indicator.
Have you ever had a time during the day when you felt that your skin felt really good?
That time was a time when your SKIN VITAL was definitely high. We can’t leave beauty to chance.
Our goal is to reveal the invisible power of beauty to everyone.

SKIN VITAL is composed of “moisturization” and “warmth”

SKIN VITAL is composed of two main components.
These are “moisturization” and “warmth”.
The effective moisturization of the skin can be considered common knowledge already.
In addition to this factor, we add another important one, “warmth”.
Sufficient preservation of “moisturization” and “warmth” is linked to high levels of SKIN VITAL.
The true power of the skin is able to shine to its full potential. This is what POLA has learned from its research.

図:肌バイタルについて 肌に「うるおい」と「あたたかさ」が充分に保たれていると、細胞増殖が活発になり、肌本来の力を最大限に発揮します。ポーラ研究所調べ  左図:肌バイタルが高い状態 右図:肌バイタルが低い状態

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  1. Skin Vitals: The skin’s own power to become beautiful. Original name created by POLA.