Skin Vital checks are available only from POLA.
In just 10 minutes, you can create your own road to beauty.

Everyone’s skin is different. And the skin that everyone wants to have is completely different as well.
This is the reason why understanding one’s own skin is linked to beauty.
The Skin Vital check is a way to analyze the power of your skin to grow more beautiful.
The only place you can have this check performed is at a POLA shop. It takes about 10 minutes, and is of course free of charge.

Flow of the Skin Vitals Check

Step 1 Beauty Counseling

A POLA BEAUTY DIRECTOR will ask you about your current skin concerns.

Step 2 Skin Analysis

She will then use a special camera for the skin, and scientifically analyze its condition without any makeup on.

Step 3 Skin Analysis Results and Advice

The POLA BEAUTY DIRECTOR will look at the results of both your current “Skin Vitals Status” and the “Five Elements of Beautiful Skin (Moisture, Translucency, Elasticity, Blemish Level, Wrinkle Level), and combine them with the information on your skin concerns obtained during counseling. Then she will use all of this information to present you with a recommended skin care routine and skin care items.

Due to the renewal of the Skin Vitals Check in July 2019, we are no longer issuing a six-digit care advice number, and we have also ended website confirmation service as of the end of June. Thank you for your loyal support of these services.
Please read the press release on the new Skin Vitals Check.

press release

Please visit your nearest POLA shop for a Skin Vitals Check.

* Some locations do not offer the Skin Vitals Check, so please call in advance to check.

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  1. Skin Vitals: The skin’s own power to become beautiful. Original name created by POLA.