Everything is personalized

Beauty care is a way of loving "myself."
That’s how I get the strength to move forward "in my own way."

Beauty care is more than just skin care and makeup. It is also about caring for one’s "skin, mind, and body" through daily sleep, diet, exercise, and enjoying fashion. This is POLA’s beauty philosophy.

Select skin care and body care of your own choice, enjoy your care routine right down to the fragrance, maintain a healthy lifestyle, including daily diet and exercise to make your life comfortable, and face yourself to enhance your own individuality.

All these ways of caring about myself are forms of beauty care, which give me the strength to move forward "in my own way."

POLA proposes holistic care that is tailored to the special needs of each customer.

More personal: Discover "my individuality"

POLA has been delivering the best care for each individual since its foundation.
With our unique science and careful consultation, we analyze the unique qualities and discover the hidden charms of each customer.

More holistic: Find the "right approach for me"

Based on big data with more than 20.2 million cases (as of the end of December 2022), POLA sees the connection between the skin, mind, and body as a whole, and proposes total, holistic care.

More sustainable: Expand "my possibilities"

We help our customers refine "themselves" through all processes of daily life and expands their possibilities for a new future.
We closely support each and every customer to become an irreplaceable presence in their lives.