August 27, 2018

Thank you very much for choosing our products.
It has been confirmed that counterfeit products are circulating on Japanese and Chinese internet mail-order sites for the product WHITE SHOT INNER LOCK TABLET IXS (60 tablets/180 tablets) (Manufacture and Sales Source: POLA Inc.) that are distributed by POLA. After analyzing the confirmed counterfeit products, the results show that the content is completely different from the official product and it is not composed of the active ingredients. POLA is completely unable to guarantee the effectiveness, safety and overall product quality for these counterfeit products, so we are apprehensive about the possibility of damage to the health of the customer.

WHITE SHOT INNER LOCK TABLET IXS (60 tablets/180 tablets) are only available through the official sales routes as shown below. Please be aware that there is the possibility that products for sale elsewhere may be counterfeit products.
Please select our official sales routes when making your purchase.

The countries and regions where the WHITE SHOT INNER LOCK TABLET IXS  official sales route is located are as follows.

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* There are cases where internet mail-order sites may call themselves a “Pola Beauty Director” or list an “official product,” but please note that these are all unofficial sales routes.

Countermeasures From POLA

The circulation paths etc. of counterfeit products are currently being investigated. Furthermore, in addition to reporting damages to internet mail-order sites where sales of counterfeit products have already been confirmed, we are also proceeding with legal measures including civil action and criminal action.
Please note that POLA is unable to appraise or guarantee counterfeit products, or exchange them for an official product. Please also understand that POLA will bear no responsibility for accidents, malfunction or damages caused by a counterfeit product.

How to Distinguish Official Products from Counterfeit Products

* These are the main characteristics that have been confirmed by POLA. There may be others not included in the listed content.


(Characteristics of Counterfeit Products)

The printed letters are slightly blurred.


(Characteristics of Counterfeit Products)

The location and shape of the notches are different.


(Characteristics of Counterfeit Products)

・ The appearance may differ compared to the official product shown in the photograph.
・ They may have a sweet smell.

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