Thank you very much for choosing our products.
It has been confirmed that counterfeit versions of POLA’s products are circulating on Japanese and Chinese internet mail-order sites.
POLA is completely unable to guarantee the effectiveness, safety and overall product quality for these counterfeit products, so we are apprehensive about the possibility of damage to the health of the customer.
To avoid purchasing a counterfeit product by mistake, please select our official sales routes* when purchasing POLA products.
* Please check the official sales routes on the counterfeit product warning pages for WRINKLE SHOT SERUM, WHITE SHOT INNER LOCK TABLET IXS, B.A LIGHT SELECTOR and B.A WASH.

In cases where the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit products has been revealed, POLA will continue to use legal measures etc. to take strict action against the offending companies in order to deal with counterfeits. We also kindly request our customers to be alert to this issue as well.

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