Thank you very much for choosing our products.
It has been confirmed that counterfeit versions of POLA products have been circulating, mainly on domestic and international internet mail order websites.
Despite not being manufactured by POLA, these counterfeit versions are created with improper use of our company logo. Some of these counterfeit products are almost indistinguishable in appearance from authorized products, with very similar packaging. Furthermore, the content texture and coloring are also very similar, making it difficult for customers to identify a product as a counterfeit.
We do not offer appraisals, warranties, replacement of products suspected to be counterfeit, nor shall we be responsible for accidents, defects, and damages incurred by counterfeit products.
In the event you purchase and use a counterfeit product, we are concerned that these products will not only not meet customer expectations, but they may also have a negative impact on your health.
Therefore, we ask that you purchase products from the following authorized distributors to avoid purchasing counterfeit versions by mistake.

Examples of counterfeit products

The appearance (the product itself, the box, designs for items such as leaflets, and label content) is very similar. The color and texture of the counterfeit versions have also been confirmed to be very similar.

These are photos of actual counterfeit products

These do not contain any active ingredients.

Various items have been confirmed.
*These are some counterfeit versions that have been found.

Elimination of counterfeit products

We are currently taking strict measures that include legal action in cooperation with attorneys, etc. toward offending companies that have been manufacturing or selling counterfeit versions of POLA products.
We have also taken measures to prevent counterfeit products from entering the country by registering infringing products at Japan Customs.
We will continue to make efforts toward protecting our intellectual property and brand, and to eradicate counterfeit versions, so that customers will be able to purchase our products with peace of mind.

Click here for our brand protection initiatives
*Our brand protection initiatives are introduced on the website.

Click here for the Strengthening of Border Control Measures for Counterfeit Products (the Japan Customs website)
Click here for the Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign (the Japan Patent Office webpage)
*We agree with and support Japan Customs' "Strengthening of Border Control Measures for Counterfeit Products" and the Japan Patent Office's "Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign."

You can see goods infringing on intellectual property withheld by customs on display here (The Ministry of Finance webpage)
*Our WRINKLE SHOT product can be seen in the left foreground

To provide safe, high-quality products

Authorized distributors

To ensure the safety of your products, please purchase them from the authorized distributors listed below.

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Any distributors other than those listed above are selling products from unauthorized routes, with many confirmed counterfeit versions, despite claims of selling authorized products, being an authorized distributor, or POLA Beauty Directors.
Please note that we do not guarantee the quality of, make appraisals for, or replace products purchased from unauthorized distributors, and also do not take responsibility for defects, skin trouble, or damages incurred by unauthorized products.

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